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Every Christopher Lee Dracula movie ranked
Jun 19, 2015

Christopher Lee played Dracula A LOT. Here's our look at the lot, from worst to best.

Read Peter Jackson's heartfelt tribute to the late Christopher Lee
Jun 12, 2015

While the whole world mourns the passing of acting legend Sir Christopher Lee, the man who directed him in five movies has written a touching tribute about his late friend.

Sir Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93
Jun 11, 2015

The man who made Dracula a legend and brought Saruman to life on the big screen has passed away.

Sample this year's heavy metal Christmas carol from Christopher Lee
Dec 10, 2014

Sing along with Saruman in this season's sinister sonic offering.

Celebrate Christopher Lee's 90th with 15 awesome sci-fi moments
Dec 17, 2012

Christopher Lee has been in a lot of movies. A lot. Throughout his half-century career, Lee has over 200 roles to his credit, ranging from Dracula to Saruman in Lord of the Rings.

Christopher Lee talks The Hobbit, "which I hope I live to see"
Dec 16, 2012

We can't think of a better way to kick off the New Year than with a video message from the legendary Christopher Lee, who remains as busy as ever as he approaches his 90th birthday.

15 delightfully pulpy Hammer sci-fi and horror movie posters
Dec 15, 2012

For more than 50 years, Britain's Hammer Film Productions was a genre factory, churning out horror and sci-fi flicks by the truckload while giving actors like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing the chance to sink their teeth into villains like Dracula and Dr. Frankenstein. Here are some of the lurid one-sheets that got butts into seats.

Christopher Lee says he'll return for The Hobbit IF he's healthy
Dec 14, 2012

Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood have all agreed to return for the massive Lord of the Rings reunion known as The Hobbit, and now Christopher Lee has announced that he MIGHT join them—IF he's up for it.

Crazy Wicker Tree trailer helps us forget that crappy Wicker Man sequel
Dec 14, 2012

Remember Nicolas Cage's 2006 remake of The Wicker Man? If not, consider yourself lucky. The movie angered those who loved the 1974 classic, scared off those who'd never seen it from ever watching the original, and ranked an abysmal 15% over at Rotten Tomatoes.