Childhood's End

Childhood's End producer on what that ending means for humanity
Dec 17, 2015

It took decades to finally make it to the screen, and now Syfy’s adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s masterpiece Childhood’s End has come to an end. So, what does the producer have to say about those final scenes?

TV THIS WEEK: Childhood's End arrives, The Expanse premieres, and more!
Dec 14, 2015

Everyone might have Star Wars on their minds this week, but don't forget about the small screen.

Celebrate Syfy's Childhood's End with 60 years of classic book covers
Dec 14, 2015

Here's a gallery of fantastic sci-fi books covers for Arthur C. Clarke's renowned invasion novel.

Syfy donating to charity in new promo push for Childhood’s End miniseries
Dec 2, 2015

As part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming miniseries Childhood’s End, Syfy is kicking off a social media campaign with an ambitious charity hook.

Watch Syfy’s Childhood’s End early, meet the cast at free NYC screening
Nov 16, 2015

Sci-fi fans in New York, take note: If you want a sneak peek at Syfy’s new series Childhood’s End, the network is hosting a free screening almost a month ahead of the official premiere.

Syfy's Childhood's End featurette delves into Arthur C. Clarke's classic invasion novel
Nov 13, 2015

Here's a preview for Syfy's prestige sci-fi series based on Arthur C. Clarke's novel Childhood's End.