Director Justin Lin blows something up in latest charity set video from Star Trek Beyond
Aug 5, 2015

The charity set videos to promote the “To Boldly Go” campaign are quite brilliant bits of marketing, and the latest clip focuses in on new addition Justin Lin. So what does the director have to say?

Watch the cast of Star Trek Beyond (including Idris Elba!) pitch a walk-on role for charity
Jul 15, 2015

If you want sci-fi fans to open their wallets for a good cause, a walk-on role in the new Star Trek movie might arguably be the best incentive ever.

There's something Kirby's grandkid wants you to do for Jack on 8/28
Jun 26, 2015

It's been nearly two decades since his death, but legendary artist and writer Jack "King" Kirby continues to cast a long shadow over the comic book industry. He's even a presence in the minds of people who were born after his death, like his youngest granddaughter Jillian.

Donate to a good cause and crush things in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mar 12, 2014

He’s battled Predators and travelled through time to destroy the savior of humanity in Terminator — and now he has a tank. And he wants you to help crush things.

Las Vegas Wranglers hockey heroes sport Spider-Man jerseys for charity
Mar 4, 2014

These hockey players may not have special powers, but that doesn't make them any less super.

Mini Darth Vader (remember him?) uses the Force for good
Feb 6, 2013

When Luke Skywalker said there was good in him, he wasn't whistlin' dixie!

Check out 20 awesome modded Boba Fett helmets that could be yours
Dec 17, 2012

Compared to Darth Vader or Han Solo, Boba Fett has an almost microscopic amount of screen time in the original Star Wars trilogy, and yet he's joined both of those characters as icons of science fiction. Why? Simple: it's the helmet. Now a group of craftsmen have joined together to create their own versions of Fett's headgear, and you can buy them all for a good cause.

Stephen and Tabitha King foot bill for troops' ride home
Dec 14, 2012

Stephen and Tabitha King are donating money so that members of the Maine National Guard can come home for the holidays.