Channing Tatum

First explosive Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer is here!

After releasing a handful of tantalizing teasers, 20th Century Fox has now unleashed the full force of the first Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer.

X-Men producer offers hope on Gambit, not so much on Fantastic Four
Feb 24, 2017

Simon Kinberg has provided an update on Fox's Marvel movies that don't involve Wolverine or Deadpool.

Tom Hanks' Splash getting remade with Channing Tatum as the mermaid. Thanks, China!
Aug 1, 2016

Once upon a time, Tom Hanks was that guy from Bosom Buddies. Then he made Splash. It ... helped?

Channing Tatum has joined the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Apr 14, 2016

Director Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Golden Circle is adding a future X-Man to the cast.

Channing Tatum's Gambit movie delayed. Again.
Mar 29, 2016

Production on the solo movie starring one of Marvel's most popular X-Men characters has been put on hold again.

Simon Kinberg promises Gambit film will play it close to the comic canon
Jan 7, 2016

One of the most interesting films on Fox’s superhero schedule in the X-Men spinoff Gambit, which was essentially developed as a vehicle for rising star Channing Tatum. Which, we’ll even use the phrase spinoff loosely, since Tatum’s Gambit has never actually appeared in an X-Men film.

Report: Fox X-Men spinoff Gambit probably just found a director
Nov 13, 2015

There’ve been rumblings for a while now surrounding the short list to take over Fox’s Gambit film, and now it sounds like the studio is close to locking someone down.

New pair of directors reportedly in the mix for Gambit
Oct 22, 2015

Add two more names to the growing list of directors who could be next in line to leave the Gambit movie over creative differences.

Why director Rupert Wyatt left the Gambit movie
Sep 30, 2015

A new report has revealed the real reason why Gambit is currently looking for a new face behind the camera.

Rupert Wyatt drops out as director of X-Men spinoff Gambit
Sep 17, 2015

It wasn't too long ago that it looked like Channing Tatum might leave the Gambit film over a contract dispute. They managed to lock him in, but now the film is apparently looking for a new director.

Channing Tatum closed his Fox deal, will play Gambit after all
Aug 4, 2015

Despite reports of negotiation struggles, it seems our Gambit is here to stay.

Drew Pearce confirms a Tatum/Pratt-led Ghostbusters is developing
Jul 30, 2015

A male-focused Ghostbusters is coming to go along with that female-led one, and the writer just confirmed the casting choices.

Report: Channing Tatum on the verge of dropping off X-Men spinoff Gambit
Jul 29, 2015

In one of the weirdest twists of fate we've seen in movies, it sounds like Channing Tatum could potentially leave a project he almost single-handedly willed into existence. 

Channing Tatum’s Gambit to shoot this fall, casting call reveals first details
Jul 27, 2015

Fox was more than happy to talk up Channing Tatum’s X-Men spinoff Gambit at San Diego Comic-Con, and now we finally have a decent timeline for when we’ll get to see it.