This gorgeous, CGI version of Akira is the only remake we need
Aug 11, 2016

While Hollywood keeps toiling away on a live-action version of Akira, some talented fans decided to take a crack at their own version of the iconic sci-fi tale. The result is pretty much perfect.

Beloved 1990s CGI sci-fi series ReBoot is finally getting a sequel
Nov 28, 2014

Fans of the 1990s CGI sci-fi series ReBoot have been patiently waiting for the beloved classic to get another shot for decades now. Well, the time has finally arrived.

This hilarious animated short film about a rock monster should be Pixar’s next movie
Oct 22, 2014

What happens when a rock monster accidentally sends a city-crushing boulder toward a tiny village? This, and it’s freaking adorable.

1st look at del Toro's magical new CGI fantasy flick The Book of Life
May 29, 2014

Del Toro is a busy guy, and his latest flick looks like an interesting change of pace from recent projects like Pacific Rim and The Strain. Next? The CGI fantasy flick Book of Life.

It's alien vs. astronaut in this bloody, unsettling, retro sci-fi short film
Mar 17, 2014

What do you get when you take Toy Story-esque animation and mash it up with the bloody insanity of sci-fi horror like Alien? This, and it’s awesome.

Amazing FX clip reveals how they make the magic of Game of Thrones
Aug 15, 2013

With such great effects work week-in and week-out, its easy to forget that the world of Westeros in Game of Thrones doesn’t really exist. Well, get ready to have the magic ruined.