Supergirl season premiere scores best CW time slot ratings in almost a decade

Moving Supergirl from CBS to The CW was an interesting experiment, but the big question was how the series would be received at its new home. Turns out a good bit of those CBS fans followed Kara to The Flash’s stomping grounds.

Bryan Fuller on why the new Star Trek is called Discovery, promises tie-in books and comics
Sep 6, 2016

The Star Trek franchise is coming back to life in a big way next year, and now showrunner Bryan Fuller has opened up about why Discovery might be even bigger than we’d thought.

The first trailer for James Wan's retooled MacGyver pilot is finally here!
Aug 19, 2016

A few months ago, CBS announced they were scrapping the pilot for their MacGyver reboot -- which was shot by David Von Ancken -- and starting from scratch by handing the reins back to Aquaman director James Wan. Here's the first trailer.

Rumor of the Day: Star Trek: Discovery to take place before The Original Series?
Aug 2, 2016

Ever since it was announced Star Trek was coming back to TV, fans have been wondering when the new series would be set. We may now have the answer.

Bryan Fuller's Star Trek series gets an official title and a first SDCC trailer
Jul 23, 2016

CBS’ new Star Trek series is getting an official title, and the first teaser trailer was unleashed during the Star Trek 20th-anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, revealing which Federation starship will be featured in the new series.

UPDATE: CBS and Paramount release official guidelines for all Star Trek fan films
Jun 23, 2016

If you want to make your own Star Trek film, these are the rules you'll have to follow.

CBS scraps MacGyver pilot, brings in James Wan to direct a new version
Jun 17, 2016

CBS is still keen to put a new version of MacGyver on the small screen, but it’ll apparently look a good bit different than the trailer released a few weeks ago.

Lawsuit against Star Trek: Axanar still ongoing despite assurances it would be dropped
Jun 17, 2016

Despite assurances to the contrary from J.J. Abrams himself, looks like the whole Star Trek: Axanar lawsuit saga is far from over.

First teaser trailer for CBS’s Star Trek series, full trailer for MacGyver reboot
May 18, 2016

We finally have our first peek at CBS’s new Star Trek series, plus the network’s reboot of 1980’s classic spy-fi series MacGyver.

OFFICIAL: Supergirl flying high with a Season 2 renewal and a move to The CW
May 12, 2016

Great news, Supergirl fans. The show has been officially renewed but will be moving to The CW.

Rumor of the day: Budget cuts, CW move possible for Supergirl renewal
May 5, 2016

It’s coming down to the wire for Supergirl, and with CBS’s fall schedule looming, the network will have to make a decision soon about the future of National City.

Supergirl producers on that shocking cliffhanger, latest odds for Season 2
Apr 19, 2016

CBS’s Supergirl wrapped its first season Monday night with an episode that wrapped up a lot of storylines and set up some big ones for a potential Season 2. 

The Twilight Zone is getting an 'interactive' reboot as a TV-game hybrid
Apr 18, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to take a choose-your-own-adventure approach when watching The Twilight Zone, this reboot should be right up your alley.

After Flash crossover, Supergirl star says things are 'looking positive' for renewal
Apr 4, 2016

CBS has renewed a big chunk of its schedule already, but there’s one notable absence for genre fans — though it sounds like good news could be on the way.