Catching Fire

That Hunger Games sequel finally has a director—so who is it?
Jul 5, 2015

When Hunger Games director Gary Ross jumped ship on the sequel, Catching Fire, it set off a feeding frenzy over who would replace him in the newly minted blockbuster franchise. Well, we finally have a winner.

Hunger Games director promises District 13 and other 'new places' in Mockingjay
Jan 23, 2014

After the first Hunger Games became a breakout hit, the recent sequel served as a transition into both a bigger budget and a bigger story.

Whoa! Catching Fire cost HOW MUCH more than The Hunger Games?
Oct 31, 2013

When a film does well, it helps ease the studio’s pain of opening up the purse strings for the sequel. So, just how much more did the second Hunger Games flick cost when compared to the first?

Katniss + Finnick prep for war in 1st official Catching Fire pics
Jan 22, 2013

After The Hunger Games became a monster hit, work started almost immediately on the sequel, Catching Fire. Aside from some scattered set pics, we haven't seen much from the next chapter in Katniss' journey—until now.

Catching Fire producer finally responds to those casting rumors
Dec 17, 2012

The rumored short list for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire has only grown over the past few weeks, with everyone from Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Robert Pattinson (Twilight) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) rumored for a starring role. But, what does the film's producer think of all the buzz?

It's official: Catching Fire has found its Plutarch Heavensbee
Dec 17, 2012

It's been rumored for weeks, and now it's official—the latest film in The Hunger Games saga has cast the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, and Catching Fire has definitely caught a seasoned actor.

Turns out the Hunger Games series WON'T be a movie trilogy
Dec 17, 2012

Ever since the first Hunger Games film opened earlier this year to a huge box office haul and no small amount of critical praise, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of when they can see the rest of the story play out on the big screen. Now, in the tradition of Twilight and Harry Potter, producers have announced that the number of movies in the series won't match the number of books.

Why the Hunger Games sequel is suddenly in jeopardy
Dec 17, 2012

You'd think that, given The Hunger Games' gargantuan success at the box office, the sequel would be a no-brainer. But a new monkey wrench got thrown into the behind-the-scenes negotiations that is threatening to extinguish Catching Fire before it even lights up.

The Hunger Games director is out: So who should direct the sequel?
Dec 17, 2012

It's official: The Hunger Games director Gary Ross will not be returning for the sequel, Catching Fire. So now that Ross has left the arena, who should take the job?

One of these 2 directors will take over the Hunger Games sequel
Dec 17, 2012

With the clock ticking and The Hunger Games' sequel, Catching Fire, needing to be in the can by the end of this year, Lionsgate has narrowed the field of potential directors down to two: an Oscar-nominated genre newbie and someone who has put both Will Smith and Keanu Reeves through hell.

It's official: Catching Fire has a new director
Dec 17, 2012

After the departure of Hunger Games director Gary Ross from the newly minted hit series, Lionsgate quickly developed a short list of director's they'd like to handle the sequel Catching Fire. The list eventually got shorter, and now we officially have a winner.