Image of the Day: That time Coulson gave Capt. Mal Reynolds a very big hug
Nov 28, 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Clark Gregg has shared a geektastic pic of himself with Firefly’s Nathan Fillion -- aka Captain Tightpants.

Watching Downey Jr. and Fillion banter makes our geek heads explode
Nov 25, 2014

If you stuck around after the credits of the most recent episode of Castle, you were in for a treat: Tony Stark and Richard Castle arguing over which rich playboy is more awesome. If you stuck an ear to the window last night and listened hard, you could hear the faint sound of geek hearts breaking and undergarments evaporating.

Got $135 million? Dracula's castle is for sale
May 13, 2014

Looking for a new pad to show off on MTV Cribs?

TV THIS WEEK: Castle gets its geek on, The Walking Dead and more!
Jan 14, 2013

Oh, it's a good week to be a Nathan Fillion fan. First there's major sci-fi fun to be had on this week's Castle, with a murder investigation at a Comic-Con-esque convention, and then the Science Channel celebrates Firefly's 10th anniversary with a marathon and a special called Browncoasts Unite.

Fillion's past meets future in epic Firefly/Castle video mashup
Dec 17, 2012

Nathan Fillion is a lucky guy. Not many actors get to take on one career-defining role—but Fillion has gotten two. Between the short-lived Firefly and still-going Castle, a lot of folks love him. Now fandoms collide in an epic Firefly-esque Castle mashup.

Castle sends a Star Trek vet to helm a sci-fi con-themed ep
Dec 17, 2012

ABC's Castle is going where no man has gone before by having Star Trek: The Next Generation's very own Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes) helm an upcoming episode of the show. But that's not all.

Nathan Fillion is having a Firefly reunion on Castle. Who's showing up?
Dec 17, 2012

The once and future Malcolm Reynolds has never shied away from dropping little tributes to Joss Whedon's late, lamented sci-fi western in his current gig on ABC's hit cop show. But now he's going to bring more than an old costume ... he's bringing an old cast member.

7 Firefly nods Nathan Fillion dropped into Castle
Dec 14, 2012

As anyone who's been on the Internet for the last week knows, Nathan Fillion and Firefly are still attached at the hip. And, even though he's got a hit crime procedural on ABC, the once and future (if he has his way) Mal Reynolds can't help but sneak his love for Joss Whedon's cult hit into his new gig.

First Comic-Con panels announced: they're not what you'd expect
Dec 14, 2012

Comic-Con is just around the corner, and we're dying to hear about the full schedule so we can find out what's in store for us in San Diego next month.

Firefly's 'Capt. Tightpants' lives again on ABC (video)
Dec 14, 2012

Nathan Fillion puts on a familiar outfit for his new ABC rom-com detective series.