Hunger Games actor will be Matt Murdoch's best friend in Netflix's Daredevil
Jun 26, 2014

From one of the hottest movie franchises to one of the most anticipated upcoming ongoing series? Yeah, all right.

All right! Jem and the Holograms adds Juliette Lewis AND Molly Ringwald to the cast!
May 20, 2014

That movie adapted from the '80s cartoon we all thought was gonna be mediocre? Yeah, it's starting to look pretty good all of a sudden.

3 characters (including Edward Nigma and Renee Montoya) upped to regulars on Gotham
May 12, 2014

When Gotham comes to Fox on Monday nights this fall, we'll be getting more of certain characters than we first thought.

Star Wars VII extras casting call: 'Salty sea dogs,' 'unusual-looking' people
May 5, 2014

If you live in England, and meet some admittedly strange qualifiers for potential actors, you could score a gig in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII.

Age of Ultron scores a new actor, but who will she be playing?
Jan 29, 2014

There's a new cast member in the forthcoming Avengers sequel, and she's a bit of a mystery.

Gotham's rumored commissioner is more likely to be its surly detective
Jan 17, 2014

You may have heard some stories about Sons of Anarchy actor, Donal Logue. Well...

Apparently, these are the 3 top choices for the next Doctor Who
Jun 7, 2013

With a new Doctor announcement imminent, these are, allegedly, the remaining contenders.

Look which actress from HBO's Girls might be the next Sue Storm
Apr 30, 2013

So the Fantastic Four reboot is going to start filming this summer, huh? Probably should start casting it RIGHT NOW.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 just cast an Oscar winner as Norman Osborn
Feb 27, 2013

One of Spider-Man's (and the Marvel Universe at large's) greatest foes has just been cast.

Jamie Foxx could be in Amazing Spider-Man 2! (but as who?)
Jan 14, 2013

In the final, post-credit scene of The Amazing Spider-Man, Doctor Curt Connors comes face to face with a shadowy figure who may become the sequel's villain. But who could that villain be, and is Jamie Foxx the man to play him? Casting spoilers ahead!

Thanos creator shares casting picks for Marvel's cosmic villain
Dec 17, 2012

With big bad Thanos poised to set the Marvel Cinematic Universe on fire in the near future, the comic character's creator has chimed in with his picks for who could play the Mad Titan on the big screen. Spoilers for The Avengers ahead!

Jennifer Lawrence only did Hunger Games 'cause her mother made her
Dec 17, 2012

After a career born on the indie film circuit, Jennifer Lawrence popped onto the mainstream radar with her memorable role as Raven in X-Men: First Class. Of course, that was before she became a bona fide star in The Hunger Games. But did you know she almost turned down the role of Katniss Everdeen?

Thrones issues unique casting call for upcoming massacre scene
Dec 17, 2012

With a bloody, pivotal scene coming down the pike, the producers behind HBO's Game of Thrones have put out one of the most unique casting calls in history to get the Red Wedding just right. Minor spoilers ahead!

American Horror Story S2 has now cast 'Shelly the Nymphomaniac'
Dec 17, 2012

Character descriptions are pretty common when casting for a TV show or movie, but the latest bit of casting news for FX's creeptastic American Horror Story shows just how wild the creators want to go in season two.

A casting rumor could mean doom for a Walking Dead character
Dec 16, 2012

It seems like every character on AMC's The Walking Dead is bound to end up as zombie lunch sooner or later, but some are clearly more vulnerable than others. Sometimes, the characters are too slow, sometimes they're too stupid, and sometimes the actors who play them get courted by another show.