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Carrie Fisher responds to all those rumors about her and Star Wars VII
Don Kaye

Is she or isn't she? Carrie Fisher has officially issued a response to all the reports of her returning as Princess Leia in Star Wars VII.

Carrie Fisher admits she did cocaine during Empire Strikes Back

Looking back at her time in the Rebel Alliance, the former Princess Leia admits to using cocaine while shooting The Empire Strikes Back—part of a drug-fueled spiral she pokes fun at in her new one-woman show, Wishful Drinking.

Image of the Day: Rare Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher set shot
Jeff Spry

Here's an adorable pic of Luke and Leia on The Empire Strikes Back shoot in Norway.

The foul stench of Carrie Fisher's fake British accent will not return for Star Wars Episode VII
Dany Roth

So many people, places and things are returning to the Star Wars franchise. Thankfully, this will not be one of them.

1st look at two Star Wars legends duking it out on Big Bang Theory
Krystal Clark

Start your morning off with some childhood nostalgia. Star Wars is invading The Big Bang Theory, and it's a welcome occupation.

It’s almost time! Carrie Fisher reveals when filming starts for Star Wars VII
Trent Moore

We’ve already heard that Abrams' rewrite of Star Wars VII is ready to go, and it sounds like the old gang could be back in the 'Falcon within a few months — at least, according to Carrie Fisher.