Bryce Dallas Howard

Black Mirror heads to the neon-drenched 1980's in first look at Netflix's new season
Aug 19, 2016

The sci-fi anthology Black Mirror has become a bona fide cult hit, and now we have the first look at Netflix’s new run of episodes.

Pete wasn't alone in first clip for Disney's Pete's Dragon
Jul 11, 2016

A first clip for Disney’s upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon has arrived, featuring acting legend Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Meet Pete’s Dragon in first trailer for Disney’s live action fantasy remake
Feb 22, 2016

The folks at Disney continue to mine the studio’s archive for new live-action material, and the latest target is set to tackle a fan favorite from the late 1970s: Pete’s Dragon returns.

Colin Trevorrow explains why Bryce Dallas Howard runs for her life in heels in Jurassic World
Jun 12, 2015

The long-awaited Jurassic Park sequel opens wide today, but there’s one quirky scene that is taking some reviewers (and likely viewers) out of it.

This actress wants to play Captain Marvel very badly
Jun 9, 2015

Every once in a while, an actor comes along and just puts it out there: I want to play a superhero!

Indominus Rex is unleashed in massive new trailer for Jurassic World
Apr 20, 2015

The new trailer for Jurassic World is here, and it raises the stakes on the whole movie.

Image of the Day: Bryce Dallas Howard stares down a dino in new Jurassic World poster
Apr 17, 2015

We've got a new glimpse of the park's new terror thanks to the latest Jurassic World poster.

Chris Pratt faces the raptors as new stills and plot details for Jurassic World emerge
Apr 13, 2015

Besides dinosaurs going on a rampage and chomping on park visitors, what'll be in store for our heroes in Jurassic World? New plot info sheds a bit more light on the upcoming movie.

Chris Pratt issues a warning in first clip from Jurassic World
Apr 9, 2015

This summer, Chris Pratt continues his box-office domination with Jurassic World. Here's the first clip from the film showcasing his character, Owen Grady.

It sounds like Jurassic Park 4 might've just found its star
Sep 27, 2013

We have to wait a while longer to see the perennially delayed Jurassic Park sequel, but now we at least know who might be starring in it.

What will Bryce Dallas Howard find in Eastwood's Hereafter?
Dec 14, 2012

Bryce Dallas Howard has signed on to star in Clint Eastwood's upcoming supernatural thriller Hereafter

Bryce Dallas Howard confirms role in Eastwood's supernatural film
Dec 14, 2012

The actress says she'll star in Clint Eastwood's next movie, a supernatural thriller.