Bruce Timm

Batman: The Killing Joke to flesh-out Batgirl's role in R-rated animated film
Apr 18, 2016

Warner Bros.’ upcoming R-rated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke will do something the Alan Moore and Brian Bolland one-shot graphic novel never did.

Batman: The Killing Joke was going to be adapted by Bruce Timm in 2009
Feb 22, 2016

Although Alan Moore's iconic Batman: The Killing Joke is finally getting an animated adaptation sometime this year, we almost got an R-rated version back in 2009.

Bruce Timm on building a story around Batman: The Killing Joke
Jan 11, 2016

Animation guru Bruce Timm is bringing one of the most iconic DC Comics stories to life in Batman: The Killing Joke, but he ran into a bit of a problem — the source material was a bit thin to carry a feature film.

DC's heroes labeled terrorists in first clip from Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Jun 26, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered what the world would look like if the Justice League were populated by A-holes, this clip should answer the question.

Bruce Timm on reinventing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in Gods and Monsters
Jun 9, 2015

It’s not often DC lets someone tear apart the “Big Three,” but when Bruce Timm comes calling, they listen. Get ready for a very different take on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Final trailer for Bruce Timm's dark, new web series Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Jun 4, 2015

Animation legend Bruce Timm is getting his own corner of the DC universe to play in, and here’s our final look at Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles.

Exclusive: Bruce Timm on Gods And Monsters, Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn
May 6, 2015

The DC Animated Universe maestro discusses joining Machinima for the alternate universe Justice League series, along with Margot Robbie's Harley, and why superheroes might need to kill.

Here's what Harley Quinn's co-creator thought of Margot Robbie's Suicide Squad look
May 5, 2015

While the recently revealed Suicide Squad group shot drew a lot of negative criticisms from fans, it was mostly the opposite for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Machinima unveils programming slate with DC Comics, Clive Barker, Roberto Orci...and Robocop
May 5, 2015

At its digital content newfront presentation yesterday, online video platform Machinima unveiled a slate of upcoming "heroic" programming targeting fandom and gamer culture, and developed with industry heavy hitters -- and involving one robot cop.

DC announces ‘dark’ new online Justice League animated series for Machinima
Sep 18, 2014

DC is beefing up its Justice League commitment on the animated side with an ambitious new online series that promises to put a “dark” spin on the franchise.

See beautiful art for a Bruce Timm Star Wars comic that never was
May 20, 2014

Once upon a time, the co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series had a shot at telling a story in a galaxy far, far away.