Brie Larson

Marvel hires two directors to take the helm of Captain Marvel

Once again, Marvel taps relatively unknown filmmakers to bring one of its iconic characters to the screen.

Screenwriter reveals the challenges of scripting Captain Marvel
Feb 9, 2017

Writing the script for the first Marvel movie based around a female superhero should be a breeze, right? Sure.

The King is back in explosive new trailer for Kong: Skull Island
Nov 17, 2016

Tom Hiddleston was on hand during tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live to debut the newest trailer for Warner Bros.’ upcoming "King of the Monsters" movie Kong: Skull Island.

Helicopters get an unwelcome hand in new Kong: Skull Island international trailer
Oct 31, 2016

Here's the smashing new Japanese trailer for the giant ape adventure Kong: Skull Island

Image of the day: Brie Larson reading Captain Marvel while wearing a Captain Marvel costume
Aug 8, 2016

The cat was already out of the bag, but it was still a huge moment for Marvel Studios to officially announce the casting of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. So, how’s she preparing to bring Carol Danvers to life?

Captain Marvel writer weighs in on Brie Larson casting
Jul 27, 2016

The writer who helped usher in a new era for Captain Marvel in the comics has some thoughts on the screen version of the character.

Watch Kong come to life in first official trailer for Kong: Skull Island
Jul 23, 2016

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and Warner Bros. has now unleashed the first official footage for Kong: Skull Island.

Everything on Kong: Skull Island is bigger in first official pic
Jul 21, 2016

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts promises everything will be bigger in the movie reboot.

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson in early talks to play Captain Marvel
Jun 1, 2016

After Kevin Feige promised we’d get some casting news sometime this summer regarding Captain Marvel, we’re now finally hearing the first real rumblings on that front.

Dig into the mystery of Kong: Skull Island in new first-look BTS featurette
Apr 11, 2016

Released during last night's MTV Movie Awards, a new video featurette reveals our first official look at the new Tom Hiddleston movie Kong: Skull Island.