Brian Michael Bendis

Brian Michael Bendis on going street-level with his new Defenders comic run
Mar 16, 2017

As Marvel prepares to launch its Defenders miniseries on Netflix, the publisher is also putting together a new-look version of the team for a comic run. So, what does creator Brian Michael Bendis have to say about the project?

Bendis says Riri Williams is 'smarter than Tony Stark' in new Iron Man preview
Oct 14, 2016

Marvel is shaking up its line-up once again with the Marvel NOW! relaunch, and writer Brian Michael Bendis promises the new Iron Man will certainly give Tony Stark a run for his money.

Things are not going well for Jessica Jones in first look at Marvel Comics revival
Sep 2, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, and fresh off her hit Netflix series, Jessica Jones is finally getting her own solo comic book (again).

Marvel reveals Riri Williams' new Invincible Iron Man code name
Aug 22, 2016

Ever since it was announced that 15-year-old Riri Williams would be taking over from Tony Stark as the new Iron Man in the fall with Invincible Iron Man #1, fans have been waiting with bated breath to learn which code name the young science prodigy would use. 

Marvel Comics expands, delays its hero vs. hero Civil War II event
Aug 16, 2016

Marvel’s ongoing Civil War II comic event has already brought about some seismic shifts to the comic universe, but now the saga is getting a little bigger (and longer).

Playstation pulls the plug on Bendis' comic-based cop series Powers
Aug 3, 2016

Not every start-up streaming service can become the next Netflix, and it seems not even Sony has the clout to muscle into the business. Case in point: PlayStation’s burgeoning original content studio has axed its flagship series.

Doctor Doom to become the Infamous Iron Man in new Marvel Comics series
Jul 11, 2016

In the wake of the massive wave tsunami created when Marvel Comics announced that 15-year-old Riri Williams would take over from Tony Stark as Iron Man, now comes word that another Marvel character will also suit up in a new comic series titled Infamous Iron Man.

Marvel's new Iron Man is a young African-American woman
Jul 6, 2016

Tony Stark is stepping out of the suit when Civil War II comes to a close, and the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist will be replaced by a brand-new Iron Man.

Brian Michael Bendis breaks down that shocking death in Civil War II
Jun 22, 2016

It might have the same name, but Marvel Comics’ Civil War II event is a very different animal than the Captain America sequel that just blew up the box office. So, what does the guy writing it have to say about the central death at the heart of the conflict?

Brian Michael Bendis' Marvel comic Scarlet in development at Cinemax
Jun 10, 2016

Another Marvel comic book title is heading to the small screen, but this time they're joining forces with a cable network giant.

Brian Michael Bendis on art imitating life, balancing sides in Marvel Comics' Civil War II
Jun 1, 2016

Fresh off the big-screen hit based on the original run, Marvel Comics officially launched Civil War II this week. So, how hard is it to write a story that literally pits hero against hero?