Brian K. Vaughan

Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughan on the international Walking Dead one-shot The Alien
Apr 20, 2016

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? Two of the greatest personalities in comics decided to put together their own little crossover, and a few quick tweets later, the deal was done.

The latest on Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man TV adaptation
Jan 18, 2016

A television adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s seminal dystopian comic Y: The Last Man has been kicking around in development at FX for a few months now, and it sounds like good news could be coming soon.

Brian K. Vaughan's acclaimed Y: The Last Man being developed as an ongoing TV series at FX
Oct 14, 2015

One of the best dystopian sci-fi comic-book series of all time is about to get a long-awaited television series adaptation.

Saga co-creator Brian K. Vaughan announces he's writing a Walking Dead story
Jul 6, 2015

The creator of some of modern comics' most-loved series is tackling one of the medium's biggest hits.

Director of Portal fan-film gets shot at long-awaited Y: the Last Man
Jul 4, 2015

One of Vertigo's all-time best comics, Y: The Last Man, is ripe for adaptation. Brian K. Vaughn's story of gendercide weaves a complex mystery full of relatable characters and exciting twists. But one of the most compelling twists is who hs been chosen to direct the film.