Breaking Bad

The inevitable Godzilla/Breaking Bad crossover is exactly as awesome as you thought
Feb 28, 2014

Because, if Godzilla could talk, the first words out his mouth would probably be "Say my name."

How Breaking Bad convinced Damon Lindelof to give up defending Lost
Oct 2, 2013

Did you hate the series finale of Lost? Well, Damon Lindelof's got a deal to make with you, thanks to Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad spurred Lost fans to slam creator for that controversial ending
Sep 30, 2013

It's been three years, but some people still can't let go of their disappointment in the series finale of Lost.

Breaking Bad/Walking Dead mashup explains what REALLY caused the zombie apocalypse
Sep 26, 2013

Bryan Cranston has not been cast in The Walking Dead, but, if he was, this video represents the only way things could play out.

Lindelof explains how Breaking Bad's Walter White is just like Batman
Sep 23, 2013

What does one of television's most ruthless figures have in common with the Caped Crusader? If you ask Damon Lindelof, quite a bit.

How Breaking Bad just inspired GRRM to create a 'bigger monster' for Thrones
Sep 18, 2013

It turns out even George R. R. Martin can still be shocked by the right television show.

Bryan Cranston denies those Lex Luthor rumors
Sep 3, 2013

If you've been waiting on confirmation that Walter White will be Superman's future nemesis, you may want to sit down.

Ridiculous Star Trek pitch from latest Breaking Bad ep gets animated
Aug 12, 2013

Breaking Bad is probably the best show about horrible people in bad situations you'll ever see. So how the heck did Star Trek sneak into an episode?

Rumor of the Day: Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong both up for Lex Luthor
Aug 9, 2013

Man of Steel, while controversial, was a hit. And with a sequel and a Batman/Superman movie in the works, someone's got to be Lex Luthor, right?