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The Devil is in Salem in behind-the-scenes look at Season 3
Oct 6, 2016

We’re less than a month away from the third season premiere of WGN America’s hit horror series Salem (yes, I’m counting), and the powers-that-be have unleashed a new video boasting some exciting new footage.

25 facts about Star Trek: The Next Generation you might not know
Jul 4, 2015

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Stark Trek: The Next Generation's pilot, Encounter at Farpoint, premiere. That's 25 years since Picard stared out into the great and infinite vastness of space and said "Let's see what's out there." To celebrate, here's 25 things you might not know about the seminal series.

Inside Salem Season 2 with co-creators Brannon Braga and Adam Simon
Mar 31, 2015

A Witch War is coming to the 17th-century-set horror series, and the showrunners spell out the second season's magic.

The Witch War is coming in first eerie teaser trailer for Salem season 2
Nov 25, 2014

The first teaser trailer for Salem's upcoming second season has been released, and it's as eerie and gory as you might think. 

That didn't take long: WGN bringing witchy horror series Salem back for S2
May 6, 2014

It seems like everyone is getting into genre programming these days, and WGN America seems to have a hit on its hands with the supernatural horror series Salem.

Apparently, Enterprise S1 was supposed to be entirely Earth-bound
Aug 21, 2013

Throughout its run, the Star Trek prequel series Enterprise went through more than a few crises of identity — but apparently there was one we never heard about.

Could Enterprise return with the help of Netflix? Brannon Braga thinks so!
Mar 26, 2013

The first season of Enterprise just came out on blu-ray, but could it return for more?

Brannon Braga: 'We were going to put Capt. Kirk on Enterprise'
Dec 17, 2012

Did you guys know that Capt. James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, almost made it on Star Trek: Enterprise? Yep! He almost did—and Brannon Braga explains the whys and why nots of it all.

Hoping for new Star Trek: TNG? Then you're about to get your wish
Dec 17, 2012

Though it's one of the most beloved franchises in sci-fi history, fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation have been left to wonder exactly what has been going on with Capt. Picard & Co. in the decades since the series went off the air. Well, wonder no more.

Why Robert Beltran felt Seven of Nine 'diminished' Star Trek: Voyager
Dec 17, 2012

There's one thing that can't be argued with about Star Trek: Voyager: It's that the series took a new turn—make that a very sexy new turn—with the arrival of Jeri Ryan as former Borg drone Seven of Nine during the sci-fi show's third season. It was a shift in focus that had co-star Robert Beltran, who played Commander Chakotay, rather displeased.

Terra Nova boss says we coulda seen smart dinos (and more!) in S2
Dec 17, 2012

Despite decent ratings, Fox decided to pull the plug on the big-budget time travel drama Terra Nova last season. The worst part? The season finale was arguably the best episode yet, and set up some great cliffhangers. Luckily, former producer Brannon Braga has opened up about what could have been.

Only 13 eps of Terra Nova? Producers 'up to the challenge' of more
Dec 15, 2012

Late last week at the Fox TCA, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly stated that Terra Nova's first season was being planned for 13 episodes only, and not the 22 it might otherwise get if it got good ratings, due to the complex production.

Brannon Braga defends Seven of Nine by calling Kirk a 'sex addict'
Dec 15, 2012

When former Borg drone Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) was added to the Star Trek: Voyager cast back in 1997 during the show's third season, some people complained she was too sexy for Trek. Today, former producer Brannon Braga defends the decision to add Seven to Voyager; and in the process calls Captain Kirk a sex addict.

Brannon Braga says accusations he killed Star Trek are 'absurd'
Dec 15, 2012

The blame game about who and what killed Star Trek as a franchise back in 2005 is back on again today. First it was Rick Berman and Connor Trinneer, now it's former Trek producer Brannon Braga's turn to ask us to stop putting the blame on them, saying all this is 'absurd.'