Brad Wright

First trailer for Stargate SG-1 producer's new Netflix time travel series Travelers
Dec 14, 2016

Netflix is gearing up to debut a new sci-fi series, and the first trailer looks like a mash-up of things we really, really like.

Netflix picks up new sci-fi series Travelers from Stargate SG-1 producer
Apr 25, 2016

If you’ve been jonesing for a time-travel series with the spirit of some old-school Stargate SG-1, this could be just the ticket.

Go behind the scenes of SGU to learn about the final 10 episodes
Dec 14, 2012

When last we left the crew of the Destiny in Syfy's Stargate Universe three months ago, things look positively bleak. In the midseason finale, "Resurgence," the crew had been duped by the Ursini (those seed ship aliens) and the Destiny was trapped in the middle of a battle with hostile drones that were bent on annihilating the ship.

8 reasons you should watch Stargate Universe tonight and beyond
Dec 14, 2012

From a transforming Chloe to some Rush versus Young head-butting to explosive alien issues, things are about to heat up on Syfy's Stargate Universe, according to co-creator and executive producer Brad Wright. "We're building a mythology again," he promised.

Why Stargate Universe is no Voyager/BSG mashup
Dec 14, 2012

The creators of Syfy's newest Stargate series explains why it's something new.