booster gold

Looks like that Booster Gold movie won't be part of the DC Extended Universe
Sep 8, 2016

When it was announced back in May that DC Entertainment was working on a Booster Gold movie, with the man currently in charge of the CW’s Arrow-verse, Greg Berlanti, attached to the project, DC fans were over the moon.

Booster Gold movie taps a Thor scribe to pen a new screenplay, Greg Berlanti may direct
May 12, 2016

Looks like Warner Bros. has been listening to repeat criticism that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was too dark because they’ve just tapped a new writer to pen a screenplay for a movie featuring one of DC Comics’ most fun characters. 

DC's Geoff Johns promises 'big plans' for Booster Gold, Legends appearance possible
Mar 23, 2016

A live-action version of Booster Gold has been in and out of development hell for years now, but it sounds like the time-traveling DC hero might finally get his shot in the spotlight soon.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle could be the next DC Comics heroes to get their own movie
Sep 18, 2015

One of comics' greatest bromances could finally be heading to the big screen.

Report: These heroes could round out the team for The CW's Flash/Arrow spinoff
Mar 9, 2015

We’re still bouncing off the walls at confirmation that The CW is eyeing another spinoff to the Arrow-verse, and new casting intel offers some hints at who could fill out the rest of the small-screen Justice League.

With his own series stalled, Booster Gold could show up on The Flash
Oct 7, 2014

The folks behind Arrow and The Flash have been trying to get a proper Booster Gold TV series off the ground for years — but, in the meantime, he could be coming to The CW.

Syfy orders a pilot script for DC's time-traveling Booster Gold
Dec 15, 2012

After getting gritty and realistic with superpowers on Alphas, Syfy will take a dip in the other end of the pool by greenlighting a pilot script for a live-action take on DC's light-hearted time-traveler, Booster Gold.