Check out the colorful new spacesuits developed for NASA's next generation of flight
Jan 27, 2017

In 2018, NASA will begin a new age of commercial crew flights to the International Space Station, and they'll be doing it in new suits.

Boeing vows to beat SpaceX to Mars, kicking off modern day space race
Oct 5, 2016

Back in the 1960s it was the U.S. vs. Russia in a race to the moon. Now? There’s a whole lot more folks on the track in the sprint for the moon.

Why Boeing plans to add Star Wars sound effects to its real-life laser weapon
Jun 9, 2015

It might still evoke visions of science fiction, but laser weapons are most definitely science fact — and now Boeing wants to take a page out of Star Wars just to send the point home.

Private space firms SpaceX and Boeing on track to launch NASA astronauts soon
Jan 27, 2015

Following the budget cuts at NASA, the U.S. space agency reached out to private space exploration companies to fill the void left behind once the shuttle program was shut down.

NASA has chosen the two new spaceships that will take Americans to the ISS
Sep 17, 2014

Ever since NASA scuttled the space shuttle program in favor of having commercial space companies transport Americans into orbit, we’ve been waiting to see what would come next.