the blair witch project

Wacky fan theory details why there's no witch in The Blair Witch Project
Jan 13, 2017

Here's a horrifying video presenting a bizarre analysis of The Blair Witch Project.

7 blockbuster roles (for which the actors made nearly nothing)
Feb 19, 2015

Many people think starring in a hit film equals big bucks. But, sometimes, even being the lead of a blockbuster won't earn enough money to roll around in naked, which is every actor's dream.  It can be shocking to learn that some of the biggest all-time sci-fi roles came with a tiny paycheck. 

How The Blair Witch Project changed horror movies
Oct 16, 2014

Watch a short documentary celebrating Blair Witch's 15th anniversary.

Disturbing trailer for new horror flick from Blair Witch creator
Dec 17, 2012

Tired of big-screen spooks and spectres moving in and making a mess? Maybe Eduardo Sanchez, one of the writers and directors of The Blair Witch Project, can change your mind as he returns to the possessed property market with a chilling teaser for his demonic new film, Lovely Molly.