blade runner 2

New Blade Runner 2 concept art hints at the film's dark dystopian world
Jul 18, 2016

Here's a peek into the grim, grimy future of Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2.

Deckard is back, as Ridley Scott reveals the opening scene for Blade Runner 2
Nov 17, 2015

While participating in a recent discussion about the art of filmmaking, legendary director Ridley Scott revealed the opening scene he has planned for his Blade Runner sequel. Wait, what?

Ryan Gosling to co-star in Blade Runner 2
Nov 16, 2015

He's about to see things you people wouldn't believe.

A 12-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer will shoot Blade Runner 2
May 21, 2015

This legendary lensman is set to join the crew on the high-profile Blade Runner sequel.

Ridley Scott gives update on those Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels
Aug 25, 2014

Does Ridley Scott ever sleep? He's got some news to share on two of his biggest upcoming films.