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Check out all the Buzz about the Black Panther! Is there a new movie in the pipeline, who is going to be the future King of Wakanda? Stay Tuned!

Here's how Chadwick Boseman found his Wakandan accent for Captain America: Civil War

As T’Challa, the comic book ruler of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, actor Chadwick Boseman had to create a brand-new accent for the Marvel superhero movie.

First look at Baron Zemo + more on Black Panther's motivation in Captain America: Civil War

Marvel has finally lifted the veil from one of Captain America: Civil War's villains with our first look at Baron Zemo.

Black Panther writer says new comic run is about 'the organization of power'

In an effort to finally turn Black Panther into the A-lister he deserves to be, Marvel is turning to acclaimed political writer Ta-Nehisi Coates to tell one of the most ambitious T’Challa stories ever conceived.

T'Challa takes on politics, terrorists in new preview for Marvel's Black Panther solo series

With Black Panther taking a prominent role in the rebooted Marvel Comics universe, not to mention his big-screen debut in Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa is finally getting a solo series truly worthy of a king.

Marvel screenwriter talks Wakanda and the 'historic opportunity' of writing Black Panther

Joe Robert Cole has opened up about bringing Marvel's fictional country of Wakanda to the big screen in Black Panther.

Civil War cast and crew talk Black Panther's involvement in new footage

Fan favorite hero Black Panther is finally coming to the big screen in Captain America: Civil War, and the cast and crew have opened up about exactly how he fits into the superhero showdown.

Black Panther is close to landing an awesome director

The hottest director around right now is in talks to get behind the camera for T'Challa's first solo film.

New details emerge about big Captain America: Civil War battle

A report from the set of Captain America: Civil War has revealed more intel about the movie's centerpiece clash.

Image of the Day: Black Panther stands between Cap and Iron Man in new EW magazine cover

Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther is caught between two of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in this cool new magazine cover.

Marvel zeroes in on a writer and a director for Black Panther

One of the most-anticipated upcoming Marvel films might finally have its creative team.