Billy Campbell

Helix's Billy Campbell previews what's next in S2 of Ron Moore's Syfy series
Jan 29, 2015

Ronald D. Moore’s sci-fi series Helix is in the midst of its second season, and star Billy Campbell has opened up about what’s coming next.


Little-known sci-fi fact: Helix star almost played Riker on Star Trek: TNG
Jan 14, 2014

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Jonathan Frakes in the role of Cmdr. William T. Riker on Star Trek: TNG, but did you know that the role almost went to current Helix star Billy Campbell?

Helix showrunner delves into the underbelly - and future - of his 'sick and twisted' show
Jan 10, 2014

Find out about Syfy's Helix and the dark underbelly of its mythology, its screwed up families, and what will happen if it gets a second season in this exclusive interview with showrunner Steven Maeda.

Why wait? Watch the 1st 15 minutes of Ron Moore's Helix NOW
Jan 3, 2014

Start your new year off with Syfy, Ron Moore and some viral plague. The network's released a sneak peek at Moore's upcoming series, Helix. Check out its terrifying - and very cold - opening.