Billy Burke

Keep the lights on for this new creepy trailer for Lights Out
Jun 27, 2016

A brand new trailer for New Line and Warner Bros.’ upcoming horror movie Lights Out has come out of the shadows. Ready to play?

That Revolution plot point you probably forgot? It's about to be REALLY important
Nov 14, 2013

The latest season of Revolution opened on a strange note, but after all hell broke loose and the Patriots showed up, most of us forgot about it. Well, it’s about time to remember.

Watch that sexy, deleted Revolution scene we didn't get to see
Nov 12, 2013

We’d heard a while back about a steamy, game-changing scene that didn’t make the cut on Revolution — and now we actually get to see it.

Revolution's Billy Burke on tonight's 'brilliantly implosive' finale

Get ready for an explosive, or perhaps 'implosive' finale when season one of NBC's Revolution comes to a close tonight, said actor Billy Burke, who plays the rebel leader Miles Matheson.

Billy Burke teases how Revolution's about to get 'bigger and broader'

Now that NBC's Revolution is actually about a revolution and [redacted] is dead, you can expect things to change big time for Charlie, Miles and the rest of the rebels.

Miles reveals his biggest fear in tense new Revolution clip
Jan 14, 2013

NBC struck mainstream sci-fi gold with Revolution, and the series continues to divvy out the big questions and big answers just mid-way through the first season. The latest? Get ready to meet the only man who scares Miles (Billy Burke).

Lost and Alcatraz confuse you? Here's why Abrams' Revolution won't
Dec 17, 2012

On the heels of the now-cancelled Alcatraz, J.J. Abrams has another sci-fi series heading to TV. It's called Revolution and like Lost, it forces its characters to fall back on their basic primal instincts. But that's where the similarities end.