Bill Nighy

1st fun trailer for time-traveling About Time has Groundhog Day vibe
May 14, 2013

We lurrrve romcoms. But a romcom with sci-fi elements like time travel sprinkled in it? Sounds like a winner to us. Especially if one of its stars is the great Bill Nighy.

Wow! Look who confirmed he turned down the role of the 9th Doctor
Dec 17, 2012

Before Christopher Eccleston signed on to become the Ninth Doctor as Doctor Who was getting ready to make its big TV comeback in 2005, a few other name British actors had been touted as becoming the next Time Lord. Amongst them is a very well known British thespian who ultimately (and obviously) said NO to the role.

Is Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in trouble?
Dec 14, 2012

The star who plays Davy Jones says the sequel announcement may have been premature.

Potter's 'Scrimgeour' reveals finale hints
Dec 14, 2012

Bill Nighy reveals a bit about his role in the upcoming two-part finale to the fantasy film series.

Why Bill Nighy's now voicing toons: Astro Boy, Rango
Dec 14, 2012

The veteran British actor has turned his attention to animation in Astro Boy and Rango.