The Big Bang Theory

Holy quantum entanglement! Adam West to appear on The Big Bang Theory
Feb 4, 2016

For its upcoming 200th episode, BBT is bringing out the big guns -- or perhaps the batarang -- by giving us an appearance by Adam West.

TV THIS WEEK: Chuck, Big Bang and Supernatural finales, and more!

And you thought all the big finales were last week! The season finale march continues with huge challenges ahead for Chuck and Sarah and their wedding on Chuck, Sheldon has a new roomate on The Big Bang Theory and Sam's memory goes to Hell on Supernatural.

Fringe holds steady, Arrow dips + 34 other genre shows
May 21, 2015

The holidays are right around the corner, and many of our shows are leaving us until next year, but there are still quite a few programs to discuss. The Big Bang Theory continues to rule Thursday nights, while Arrow seems to be battling a bit of a holiday slump.

Bazinga! Chinese government bans geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory
Apr 28, 2014

Bad news for Big Bang Theory fans living abroad, because the Chinese government is demanding the hit geek sitcom be yanked from the nation’s interwebs.

Ready or not, here come 3 more seasons of The Big Bang Theory
Mar 12, 2014

If you like The Big Bang Theory, we've got great news. If you don't ... well, you're just going to have to grit your teeth for a few more years.

1st look at two Star Wars legends duking it out on Big Bang Theory
Jan 29, 2014

Start your morning off with some childhood nostalgia. Star Wars is invading The Big Bang Theory, and it's a welcome occupation.

Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones will reunite, but not on Star Wars!
Jan 24, 2014

Some of the classic Star Wars actors might reunite in a galaxy far, far away, but two of them will definitely be appearing together some place else, entirely.

Intelligence starts huge, Dracula slips + 45 other genre shows
Jan 15, 2014

Two new shows debuted this week, and one of them just happened to be the biggest series premiere of the season.

Big Bang rides high, Grimm climbs +43 other genre shows
Jan 8, 2014

Our first batch of midseason premieres popped up this week, and most of them had a pretty nice return.

Little-known sci-fi fact: Wait ... THAT guy composed the original Ninja Turtles theme song?
Nov 6, 2013

At this point, pretty much everyone knows the theme tune to the '90s Ninja Turtles cartoon, but not everyone knows who wrote it.