The sequel may be stalled, but now Beetlejuice is coming to Broadway
Aug 19, 2016

As rumblings of a potential big-screen sequel continue to linger in development hell, Warner Bros. has decided to take Beetlejuice in a different route for the meantime: Broadway.

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'Closer than ever': Tim Burton just dropped some major Beetlejuice 2 intel
Dec 16, 2014

It’s been more than 25 years since Beetlejuice was released, and we’ve been waiting for a sequel ever since. Well, the wait might finally be coming to an end.


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Nov 4, 2014

Here's a sweet set of silhouette art celebrating the bounty of Burton.

Cosplay We Love: Beetlejuice with pet sandworm
Oct 22, 2014

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A sandworm chows down in Mondo's slithery new Beetlejuice poster
Mar 14, 2013

With the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton's classic here, what better way to rejoice than with a huge hated sandworm?

Beetlejuice writer releases pic proving sequel's finally moving ahead
Mar 13, 2013

Waiting for word from the afterlife of Beetlejuice 2's progress? Here's a hint we'll all enjoy like a Zag-Nut bar.

Happy 25th Birthday, Beetlejuice! 11 reasons we still love it
Mar 8, 2013

Ghosts, monsters, Michael Keaton and Tim Burton. What's not to love?

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Why Tim Burton expects to be surprised by Beetlejuice 2 script
Dec 17, 2012

Will a sequel to Tim Burton's Beetlejuice ever get made? A new film is supposedly in the works with Burton and Winona Ryder open to returning. But before we jump for joy, we've just got word from the director regarding Beetlejuice, round two.

Could Beetlejuice 2 FINALLY begin filming later this year?
Dec 17, 2012

It's hard to believe that it's been 24 years since the original Beetlejuice film was released. But judging by the latest comments from the proposed sequel's director, we won't have to wait much longer to see Michael Keaton back in action as our favorite weirdo ghost.

Apparently, Johnny Depp will be in that Beetlejuice sequel
Dec 17, 2012

Since it seems like Tim Burton can't do anything without Johnny Depp, the next chapter in the Beetlejuice story will allegedly feature his frequent collaborator in a key role. But who will the Dark Shadows star play?

Still hoping for a Beetlejuice sequel? So's Tim Burton!
Dec 16, 2012

Once, twice, three times' a charm. Back in October, we gave you two scoops on a new Beetlejuice movie Warner Bros. was developing with screenwriter/author Seth Grahame-Smith and it seems the creative wheels are whirling. Can it happen fast enough?

Face off with 12 stunning Tim Burton makeup transformations
Dec 16, 2012

Tonight's episode of Syfy's Face Off (at 10/9C) sees the remaining contestants competing to transform ordinary actors into horrific "Burton-esque" creations. (After all, it takes a lot of excellent makeup to keep audiences from noticing it's Johnny Depp again and again.)

WB resurrects the ghoulish glee of Tim Burton's Beetlejuice
Dec 15, 2012

Admit it, you've missed your favorite horny, Zagnut-luring con-man corpse from the 1988 Tim Burton horror-comedy Beetlejuice. Well, today Warner Bros. says the...