HBO and Ommegang unveil latest Game of Thrones beer
Feb 5, 2017

HBO and Brewery Ommegang have announced Bend The Knee golden ale, the eighth release from its partnership surrounding the hit Game of Thrones series.

Proposed space mission aims to brew beer on the moon
Jan 25, 2017

Will future moon colonists be able to kick back after a hard day of exploring and have a cold one?

Get sloshed and geek out with these brilliant sci-fi TV and craft beer pairings
Jul 4, 2015

We love science fiction, and we love beer. So, why not put those two glorious things together?

Q'plah! Today is a good day to drink Klingon ale
Mar 24, 2014

Soon, you can raise a glass to the warriors in Sto-vo-kor with this German-style beer.

Brewery makes Walking Dead tribute beer ... complete with REAL brains
Mar 24, 2014

Considering the huge success of The Walking Dead, it’s no surprise a brewery has stepped up to make a tribute beer — but boy, are they aiming for accuracy.

Gov't nuked beer to make sure we could still get drunk after WWIII
Dec 17, 2012

Haven't we all been there? You're sitting with your buddies, ruminating over a hoppy brew, and someone drunkenly (but with sophistication) asks, "If someone dropped the bomb and we survived, could we still drink our beer?"