DC Comics announces new ongoing Batwoman solo comic at NYCC
Oct 6, 2016

DC Comics is already revamping its line-up (and finding a good bit of success) with the Rebirth initiative, and now we know the next hero who’ll be headlining a super-book.

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Jul 4, 2015

Batman, Spider-Man, the Avengers ... yes, it's another blockbuster super-hero summer. But where are the lady super hero movies? Sure, there have been innumerable duds in the past, but it's high time the women had another chance.

DC co-publisher defends those controversial Batwoman changes
Sep 9, 2013

Comics fans aren't happy with the way DC Comics has treated Batwoman lately, but one of the company's publishers is here to show us all the silver lining.

UPDATED: Batwoman's origin story to be told in Detective Comics
Dec 14, 2012

Will fans accept a lesbian socialite Batwoman as Bruce Wayne's replacement?