Image of the Day: First look at Jim Lee's awesome Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant cover
Nathalie Caron

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns saga continues with Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and we have a first look at Jim Lee's Bat-tastic variant cover for issue number one.

DC Comics wins ultra-geeky legal decision over Batmobile
Don Kaye

Not only did DC Comics win copyright protection over the Batmobile in a courtroom battle that ended today, but the judge who handed down the decision appears to be a world-class geek.

Image of the Day: Todd McFarlane reveals the Spawn/Batman crossover you've never seen
Nathalie Caron

Todd McFarlane has revealed the long-lost cover for that Spawn/Batman crossover that no one has ever seen.

Iconic Batman villain The Joker coming to Fox's Gotham sooner than we thought
Trent Moore

The creative minds behind Gotham have never been coy about their plans to introduce the Joker in the Batman prequel series. But he’s apparently coming sooner than we thought.

Rumor of the Day: Ben Affleck’s Batman will show up in DC's Suicide Squad
Trent Moore

One of DC’s most intriguing projects is the star-studded villain-fest Suicide Squad, and it sounds like they might be adding another A-list star (and character) to the mix.

Batman and Robin face the Court of Owls in first Batman vs. Robin trailer
Nathalie Caron

Warner Bros. has finally released the first awesome trailer for its upcoming superhero movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman vs. Robin.

This classic Batman villain is finally set to make his debut on Gotham
Nathalie Caron

Another classic Batman villain is finally going to make his debut on Gotham in just a few weeks. Can you guess who it is? 

Japanese Batman manga comics of the '60s finally released in the U.S.
Jeff Spry

POW!  Batmanga book invades American shores after a 50-year delay.

Gotham producer talks Arkham, The Riddler and origin stories for 2015 return
Trent Moore

The first half of Gotham’s debut season was one of the surprise hits of the fall, and now the Fox series is gearing up to dig even deeper into the Batman mythos in 2015.

Cosplay We Love: Brilliant 3D-printed Batsuit
Jeff Spry

Check out this amazing Arkham armor produced from a printer!