Rumor of the Day: Potential plot points for DC's Justice League Part 1
Don Kaye

Thanks to a casting agency, we may have some insight into the storyline of Justice League Part 1. Potential spoilers ahead!

Frank Miller confirms plans to return for The Dark Knight IV
Trent Moore

The final chapter in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga isn’t looking so final these days.

Fascinating video essay explores the 70-year evolution of Batman's Gotham City
Trent Moore

Though Batman typically gets top billing, his home turf has arguably evolved into a character in and of itself over the decades. Heck, just ask Fox — they built an entire TV series around the crazy characters who inhabit the city before Bats even grows up.

Robin and Nightwing return in final Batman: Arkham Knight trailer
Nathalie Caron

Fan favorites return -- good guys and bad -- in the final trailer for Rocksteady's hit videogame franchise.

The identity of DC Comics' post-Convergence Batman revealed!
Nathalie Caron

A massive spoiler has just dropped. Can you guess who is DC Comics' new Batman?

Watch this homemade Batsuit stop a knife attack, deflect kicks and body blows
Trent Moore

We first heard about Jackson Gordon’s ultra-functional, homemade Batsuit a few months ago — but here’s our first look at the makeshift super-suit in battle.


Adam West and Burt Ward to return as Batman and Robin in new animated film
Trent Moore

Between Batman v Superman and DC’s connected slate of animated films, we already have more than a few versions of the Dark Knight. Well, make room for a throwback from a different era.