Gotham producer on Season 2: ‘Gordon has to embrace his dark side’
Trent Moore

The Fox series Gotham will be getting a tune-up this fall, as the creative team has revamped the structure with hopes of telling one gigantic story across the full tapestry of the season. So, how will they make that work?

Report: DC Comics refocusing on less risky, 'meat and potatoes' comic stories
Trent Moore

Both Marvel and DC have been enjoying a creative renaissance as of late, with characters like Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Batgirl and Harley Quinn leading the charge. But, now it sounds like one of the Big Two is changing course for safer waters.

Gotham Season 2 gets a gender-bent villain
Carol Pinchefsky

Firefly will fly into the scene in Season 2. Only this time he will be a she. 

Image(s) of the Day: Batman: Europa cover art by Jim Lee and Lee Bermejo
Jeff Spry

Here's a jaw-dropping first look at the long-delayed Batman: Europa by mega-stars Lee and Bermejo.

Here’s the funnyman set to play LEGO Joker opposite Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman
Trent Moore

We’re cautiously optimistic about Will Arnett’s return as LEGO Batman in a new spinoff film, but the direction they’re taking The Joker just elevated this thing to weird-awesome.

Robin and Nightwing return in final Batman: Arkham Knight trailer
Nathalie Caron

Fan favorites return -- good guys and bad -- in the final trailer for Rocksteady's hit videogame franchise.

The identity of DC Comics' post-Convergence Batman revealed!
Nathalie Caron

A massive spoiler has just dropped. Can you guess who is DC Comics' new Batman?

Watch this homemade Batsuit stop a knife attack, deflect kicks and body blows
Trent Moore

We first heard about Jackson Gordon’s ultra-functional, homemade Batsuit a few months ago — but here’s our first look at the makeshift super-suit in battle.


Adam West and Burt Ward to return as Batman and Robin in new animated film
Trent Moore

Between Batman v Superman and DC’s connected slate of animated films, we already have more than a few versions of the Dark Knight. Well, make room for a throwback from a different era.

Image of the Day: Batman's new armored outfit for Batman #41
Jeff Spry

The Dark Knight dons an awesome suit of armor for his latest incarnation.

Awesome Vader vs. Batman super power beat down fan-film now has a revised ending
Jeff Spry

The Dark Knight returns with some needed help from a certain son of Krypton.