Image of the Day: First look at Jim Lee's awesome Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant cover
Nathalie Caron

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns saga continues with Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and we have a first look at Jim Lee's Bat-tastic variant cover for issue number one.

DC Comics wins ultra-geeky legal decision over Batmobile
Don Kaye

Not only did DC Comics win copyright protection over the Batmobile in a courtroom battle that ended today, but the judge who handed down the decision appears to be a world-class geek.

This new Square Enix dark fantasy Batman figure is a creepy clawed nightmare
Jeff Spry

This wickedly awesome new Dark Knight variant action figure may haunt you forever.

New trailer for Batkid Begins documentary guaranteed to give you all the feels
Trent Moore

The touching story of young Miles Scott, aka BatKid, took the world by storm back in 2013 — and a new documentary aims to tell the story behind the story.


Movie FX legend Rick Baker creates his own version of DC Comics' Joker
Trent Moore

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if movie effect legend Rick Baker took a crack at DC’s most iconic villain, wonder no more. Prepare yourself — it’s creepy.


Gotham producer promises 'spectacular villains' will rise, teases Bat-cave reveal
Trent Moore

The first season of Fox’s Gotham is in the books. It’s been a wild, weird ride, to say the least. So what’s coming next?