Adam West and Burt Ward to return as Batman and Robin in new animated film
Trent Moore

Between Batman v Superman and DC’s connected slate of animated films, we already have more than a few versions of the Dark Knight. Well, make room for a throwback from a different era.

Image of the Day: Batman's new armored outfit for Batman #41
Jeff Spry

The Dark Knight dons an awesome suit of armor for his latest incarnation.

Awesome Vader vs. Batman super power beat down fan-film now has a revised ending
Jeff Spry

The Dark Knight returns with some needed help from a certain son of Krypton.

Not Guilty: The Dark Knight Rises
Cher Martinetti

Is Christopher Nolan's last Bat-flick the threequel we wanted, or the threequel we deserve?

The Dark Knight meets Grey in hilarious Fifty Shades of Wayne mash-up
Trent Moore

Though box office take took a dive after the opening week, R-Rated sexy flick Fifty Shades of Grey has proven to a major hit. But what if it had a superhero twist?

This Batman themed hotel room will make you feel like the Dark Knight
Nathalie Caron

Holy Batcave, Batman! If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight, and you also happen to be traveling to Taiwan, you must stay in this Batman-themed hotel room.

Selina Kyle comes out as bisexual in latest Catwoman issue
Don Kaye

Selina Kyle has just revealed something that many have suspected for years.