Gotham producer on Season 2: ‘Gordon has to embrace his dark side’
Trent Moore

The Fox series Gotham will be getting a tune-up this fall, as the creative team has revamped the structure with hopes of telling one gigantic story across the full tapestry of the season. So, how will they make that work?

Report: DC Comics refocusing on less risky, 'meat and potatoes' comic stories
Trent Moore

Both Marvel and DC have been enjoying a creative renaissance as of late, with characters like Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Batgirl and Harley Quinn leading the charge. But, now it sounds like one of the Big Two is changing course for safer waters.

Gotham Season 2 gets a gender-bent villain
Carol Pinchefsky

Firefly will fly into the scene in Season 2. Only this time he will be a she. 

Image(s) of the Day: Batman: Europa cover art by Jim Lee and Lee Bermejo
Jeff Spry

Here's a jaw-dropping first look at the long-delayed Batman: Europa by mega-stars Lee and Bermejo.

Here’s the funnyman set to play LEGO Joker opposite Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman
Trent Moore

We’re cautiously optimistic about Will Arnett’s return as LEGO Batman in a new spinoff film, but the direction they’re taking The Joker just elevated this thing to weird-awesome.

Goyer confirms Man of Steel universe will feature a NEW Batman
Trent Moore

If there was any lingering question that Man of Steel might be set in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity, writer David Goyer just cleared it all right up.

Confirmed: How the Man of Steel universe will connect with Batman
Trent Moore

We’ve heard for a while now that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was the first step in setting up a larger, shared DC universe. Now we know how it starts.

Learn the shocking identity of the Bat family member DC just killed
Dany Roth

Unlike the death of Damian Wayne, this character's untimely demise was kept secret until today.