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Gotham reaction: Is a world without a bat still super?
Sep 22, 2014

The new Fox series places the city, and the city's crimes, in the spotlight. But is the the show strong enough to signal a hit?

Artist Darwyn Cooke's variant covers are the best version of DC Comics
Sep 10, 2014

They're only variant covers, but Darwyn Cooke just gave us a peek into the DC Universe we deserve.

Leaked set pics finally show Batman v Superman's new Batmobile in action
Sep 10, 2014

The film might not open until 2016, but Zack Snyder is hard at work filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Want a peek at the new-look Batmobile in action?

Little-known sci-fi fact: this Batman villain was supposed to become Robin
Sep 5, 2014

If things had turned out a little differently at DC Comics in the 1980s, Batman's third sidekick would've been a former nemesis.

Exclusive: First look at new Batman Beyond 2.0 story arc
Sep 5, 2014

Before it's available for download, we show off a look at Chapter 32 of the digital first comic starring the Dark Knight of tomorrow.

The 12 most important superhero deaths ever
Sep 4, 2014

Another superhero, Wolverine, is headed to the chopping block. But will his death really resonate?

Michael Keaton's new superhero spoof blows critics away
Aug 28, 2014

More than two decades after he played Batman, Michael Keaton has donned a cape and cowl again.

Go behind the shadows of Gotham with 17+ minutes of new footage and interviews
Aug 22, 2014

Fox is starting to peel back the layers surrounding Gotham, and now we have a boatload of new footage and interviews from the first season.

Pierce Brosnan's 'foolish' reason for turning down Burton's Batman
Aug 21, 2014

Once upon a time, James Bond could have been the Dark Knight.