Here's your first look at Gotham's Dr. Hugo Strange
Don Kaye

The second of Gotham's two major new villains has been unveiled, and he looks kind of perfect.

New video essay explores aborted video game for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight
Jeff Spry

Here's the sad but true story of why Nolan's The Dark Knight never got a major video game release.

Collector's Corner: Wolverine, Dark Phoenix, The Hulk + 9 more cool collectibles
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Here's the jubilant January edition of Blastr's Collector's Corner to start 2016 off right.

DC Comics honors Neal Adams with 25 February tribute covers by the master himself
Jeff Spry

Check out the unreal uninked pencils for Adams' latest homage collection ... to himself!

Clooney's got some advice for us about dealing with Affleck as Batman
Matthew Jackson

Yet another one of Ben Affleck's big-screen Bat-compatriots has just weighed in on his decision to don the cowl.

Commissioner Gordon just scored his own Batman-free TV series on Fox
Dany Roth

If you were wondering what DC's response to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be, you may officially wonder no more.

DC's long-delayed Gotham City series may finally make it to TV
Dany Roth

One of the best DC comics looks like it might get the adaptation it justly deserves.

Lindelof explains how Breaking Bad's Walter White is just like Batman
Matthew Jackson

What does one of television's most ruthless figures have in common with the Caped Crusader? If you ask Damon Lindelof, quite a bit.

Star Wars, Stargate and 15 more fan petitions that tried to change sci-fi
Trent Moore

If there’s anything the Internet has done, it’s democratized the power of the people. One entertaining side effect? Petitions.

If The Dark Knight were a 16-bit videogame, it would look something like this
Dany Roth

Sure, you've seen The Dark Knight a million times, but this classic SNES version makes it all seem new again.