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DC Comics plans to finally reveal the true identity of the Joker

One of the biggest mysteries in DC Comics history is about to be revealed: Who is the Joker?

DC responds to kid's letter, tells him their movies sell better than Marvel's -- but is it true?

One child bravely asked DC how they were going to combat Marvel's borderline movie monopoly. DC's response was...surprising.

Theirs is an evil laugh in supercut of characters maniacally laughing in movies

We're not saying the best raucous guffawing comes out of genre films...but that's exactly what we're saying, and this video is the proof.

Batman and Green Lantern get pummeled in 1st Justice League: War clip

The first clip from Justice League: War has been released and it reveals the very first meeting between Batman and Green Lantern. So, how do you think that went?

Flash back to the hip '70s with these 9 vintage-cool Batman posters

Enter the world of muscle cars, sideburns and cigarettes with these bitchin' Bat-beauties.

Guy builds epic LEGO Joker funhouse, then sets it all in motion!

Sure, you could just build an absolutely spectacular LEGO Batman display that doesn't move, but why stop there?

20 holiday gifts your geek boyfriend will love you for

As usual, we've searched high and low for our holiday gift guide. This week, we've shifted focus from geek girlfriends to boyfriends. On your mark, get set, shop!

23 amazing gifts your superhero sidekicks will love this holiday season

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18 awesome comic book collections that'd make great holiday gifts

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Christian Bale's kinda gross advice for Ben Affleck as Batman

Let it never be said that Christian Bale doesn't help out his fellow Batmen.