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Check out this guy's decked out Batman suit that now holds a Guinness world record

Cosplay is serious business these days, but this guy built a Batman suit that is so legit it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to actually being the Dark Knight.

Listen to Stephen Lang do a reading of Stephen King's short Batman story

Being a huge fan of the Dark Knight, Stephen King penned the 2012 short story “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation,” which was included in the master of horror’s collection of short stories titled The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, published last year.

There is now an official line of DC and Marvel suits, and they're actually not terrible

Yes, on the surface, it sounds like cross-promotion run amok. But man, despite the long odds, these are actually pretty darn cool.

Catwoman slinks down the runway in these Gotham-inspired designer outfits

Selina Kyle and friends grace the geek-punk fashion scene in this purring collection.

The next Batman game in the Arkham series features the Batmobile in its 1st trailer

A third game in the Arkham Batman franchise is coming out this year? Yup. And the first trailer looks awesome.

Fox's Gotham casts its (future) Batman and Catwoman

Two more big pieces of Fox's Gotham series are finally in place, and one of them is the future Caped Crusader.

It's Batman vs. Skynet in this weirdly awesome, animated short film

What if Terminator and Batman took place in the same universe? Could Batman manage to save the world and overthrow Skynet?

The greatest Batman ever, Kevin Conroy, talks about his over 20 years in the role

There is only one true Batman, and he's opening up about his time as the Dark Knight.

LEGO Batman, Will Arnett, tells all the kids at home that school is closed today

You know what's awesome? Not having to go to school when you're a kid. You know what's even better? Having Batman tell you don't have to go to school.

Gotham's Jim Gordon reveals which comics inspired the Batman prequel series

We’ll finally return to Batman’s world this fall with Gotham, and the series’ young Jim Gordon just revealed which comics he’s reading to get ready.