Image of the Day: First look at Jim Lee's awesome Dark Knight III: The Master Race variant cover
Nathalie Caron

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns saga continues with Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and we have a first look at Jim Lee's Bat-tastic variant cover for issue number one.

DC Comics wins ultra-geeky legal decision over Batmobile
Don Kaye

Not only did DC Comics win copyright protection over the Batmobile in a courtroom battle that ended today, but the judge who handed down the decision appears to be a world-class geek.

See past and present meet in 6 stirring superhero silhouettes
Jeff Spry

Check out Batman, Wolverine + 4 more comic legends stripped down black and white.

Artist melds DC and Marvel heroes with Transformers in epic fan mash-up
Trent Moore

All those Marvel and DC characters have been imagined in a lot of ways over the years, but some new fan art turns them in Transformers-esque robots — and it totally works.

Holy plot twist! Kid robs fair dressed as Batman, turns himself in!
Dany Roth

The good news is, this kid dressed as Batman caught a thief. The bad news is, this kid is the thief. Oops.

Christian Bale confirms it's time to let the idea of him in JLA go
Matthew Jackson

It's time to (once again) face a sad truth: Christian Bale is done playing Batman.

Walking Dead's Rick Grimes + 26 more of our favorite sci-fi lawmen
Matthew Jackson

When zombies, aliens and motorcycle gangs start causing mayhem, you want someone with a badge by your side.