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Breaking down the return of a Flash and the end of DC's The Button event

We break down the conclusion to "The Button" storyline in Flash #22, which paves the way for DC's fall blockbuster, Doomsday Clock.

Here's Tim Doyle's geeky new collection of Unreal Estate art prints

Tour Tim Doyle's 2017 collection of nerdy reimaginings for Batman, The Simpsons, The Dark Tower, and more

Stuff We Love: The most awesome forgotten superhero music video from the ‘90s

The Smashing Pumpkins take the Batman and Robin theme up a level to the rooftops of Gotham.

Actor Ben McKenzie thinks the future isn't so bright for Jim Gordon
Oct 17, 2014

Gotham's Ben McKenzie has some thoughts on Jim Gordon's slippery moral slope

First look at Batman/Superman #15 hints at a romance between Batman and...Lois Lane?
Oct 13, 2014

Looks like love is in the air between Superman the Dark Knight and our intrepid Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane.

Exclusive Preview: Batman And Robin #35
Oct 13, 2014

In this first look at the new book, we catch up with Bats in Apokolips on his hunt for Damian's body

How LEGO Batman 3 will bring the DC universe to life ... and one part that it won't
Oct 13, 2014

Adam West, Stephen Amell, Conan O'Brien and Kevin Smith aren't all that will make LEGO Batman 3 a super game.

Image of the day: Robin concept art unearthed from Tim Burton's aborted Batman 3
Oct 10, 2014

Before Christopher Nolan rebooted things with his Dark Knight trilogy, the Batman franchise had pretty much become garbage. But things could’ve been a whole lot different.

If you've ever wanted to visit the animated Batcave, you're finally gonna get your chance
Oct 8, 2014

There's nothing on TV that is like the original Batman: The Animated Series, and chances are you don't have a Batcave. But you can get both with a little help from the Oculus Rift.

Batman: Arkham Knight developer says the aim is to make the ‘ultimate Batman simulator’
Oct 1, 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight developer Guy Perkins has discussed the eagerly anticipated upcoming game, and how the aim is to make it the “ultimate Batman simulator.”

Extended trailer for Gotham S1 teases new DC villains with a ton of new footage
Sep 29, 2014

With the second episode of Fox’s Gotham debuting tonight, the network has dropped an extended trailer teasing all the new DC easter eggs we’ll need to look out for in season one.

EXCLUSIVE: How Gotham's creator hopes to do 'justice' to his 'dangerous' and 'sexy' new Batman prequel
Sep 29, 2014

Find out how executive producer and creator Bruce Heller brings the scary, dangerous and sexy origin of Batman to life on Fox's Gotham.