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Dawn of Justice's Batman set to LEGO Batman soundtrack is Bat-perfection

The LEGO Batman Movie is arguably one of the best films to ever tackle the Dark Knight, and like The LEGO Movie before it, the flick also has a killer soundtrack. So, what happens if you bring that jaunty attitude to Zack Snyder's grim-dark?

Behold this heroic roster of new Justice League statues and Funko vinyls

Check out this commanding selection of new Justice League figures and toys from the upcoming superhero spectacle.

Batman battles Brainiac in 1st LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham trailer
Jul 24, 2014

Here's a new SDCC teaser for LEGO's latest DC superhero smackdown

Ben Affleck's Batman revealed in first color Bat-pic from Dawn of Justice
Jul 24, 2014

The folks at DC are showing off a ton of new Batman art at SDCC in honor of the Caped Crusader’s 75th, and one of those shots is the first color pic of Batfleck.

Check out Batfleck's cape + cowl, straight from the San Diego Comic-Con floor
Jul 24, 2014

We still don’t know if DC will bring Batman v Superman to San Diego Comic-Con in full force this week, but they did bring Batfleck’s brand-new costume to the show floor.

Little known sci-fi fact: Robin Williams was turned down by 3 separate Batman directors
Jul 21, 2014

This is so depressing, we might just need to watch one of those severe downer Robin Williams movies and cry for a while.

It's official: The CW's Arrow and Flash is a 'separate universe' than Justice League
Jul 21, 2014

We’ve been bouncing back and forth for a while in regard to the pointing TV-to-movie connections for all these DC projects — and now we finally have an answer.

Hard to argue: This is why Batman wouldn't last very long in the real world
Jul 17, 2014

So, what would really happen if a real Caped Crusader started prowling the streets of a major city, cracking skulls with paramilitary gear? Probably this.

Batman the Animated Series is getting a limited-edition vinyl soundtrack
Jul 16, 2014

The still-reigning champion of Batman adaptations is getting some gorgeous art on some very cool records.

Fox's Gotham reaches a 'tipping point' in gritty, atmospheric new trailer
Jul 16, 2014

Detective Jim Gordon is back in Gotham and ready to clean up the mean streets in the latest trailer for Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel.

Check out the opening scene of new Batman animated film Assault on Arkham
Jul 15, 2014

We won't get a new live-action Batman adventure for more than a year, but we're getting a new animated Batman adventure in less than a month.