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Here's who Batman will interact with in Suicide Squad, and it's not who you think

As Batman's lifelong enemy, The Joker would be the likely villain we'll get to see clash with the Caped Crusader in David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

DC unleashes new Rebirth costume designs for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more

DC Comics will be undertaking a “Rebirth” shakeup that will kick off later this month, and we’ve got a closer look at the new costume designs for DC’s Holy Trinity and more.

Rumor of the Day: New Batman movie to have lots of villains, but won't adapt Under the Red Hood

Ever since Ben Affleck and Geoff John’s Batman's solo movie was officially announced by Warner Bros., thoughts have turned to the movie’s potential Big Bad. 

That part Jason Momoa definitely doesn't have in Batman vs. Superman? It's Aquaman

The Man of Steel 2 rumors are getting more bonkers by the minute, but this one we have got to talk about.

6 things Fox's Gotham needs to become the Batman show we’ve always wanted

The more we hear about Fox’s upcoming Gotham series, the more excited we get to see the Batman universe on the small screen. But, we have a few ideas that could really put this one over the top.

Fox's Gotham will have origin stories for Batman, Penguin, Riddler and more!

Fox has staked its claim on the Batman franchise. Today, the network spilled the beans about their highly-anticipated Gotham series.

Help get the uncredited co-creator of Batman a well-deserved Google Doodle

Bill Finger might never get credited on a DC Comics masthead, but we can at least get him some recognition from the world's most widely used search engine.

DC responds to kid's letter, tells him their movies sell better than Marvel's -- but is it true?

One child bravely asked DC how they were going to combat Marvel's borderline movie monopoly. DC's response was...surprising.

Theirs is an evil laugh in supercut of characters maniacally laughing in movies

We're not saying the best raucous guffawing comes out of genre films...but that's exactly what we're saying, and this video is the proof.

Batman and Green Lantern get pummeled in 1st Justice League: War clip

The first clip from Justice League: War has been released and it reveals the very first meeting between Batman and Green Lantern. So, how do you think that went?

Flash back to the hip '70s with these 9 vintage-cool Batman posters

Enter the world of muscle cars, sideburns and cigarettes with these bitchin' Bat-beauties.

Guy builds epic LEGO Joker funhouse, then sets it all in motion!

Sure, you could just build an absolutely spectacular LEGO Batman display that doesn't move, but why stop there?