Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Get up close and personal with Cyborg's prototype suit and The Flash's battle armor
Sep 19, 2016

Before settling on the costumes we saw in that first awesome Justice League footage and very cool official image, there was a much different look envisioned for Cyborg and The Flash.

Producer Deborah Snyder says Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is not dark
Aug 19, 2016

One of the many complaints laid at the feet of director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year was that it was too dark, but producer Deborah Snyder doesn't agree.

Henry Cavill teases black Superman suit for Justice League
Aug 17, 2016

The current screen Man of Steel is hinting at some interesting developments in Justice League. Warning: potential spoilers ahead!

Image of the day: Spider-Man and Deadpool just took a hilarious shot at Batman v Superman
Jul 7, 2016

The character of Deadpool has always been a little on the meta side, but the latest issue featuring the Merc With a Mouth just took a hard shot at DC’s divisive 2016 blockbuster.

More fists are flying in this furious new Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition trailer
Jun 2, 2016

Witness a grim wonderland of new footage in this first teaser for BvS: Dawn of Justice's R-rated, extended Blu-ray cut.

More Batman v Superman fallout: Longtime producer gets reduced role
May 25, 2016

The ongoing Warner Bros. drama around Batman v Superman's disappointing performance has claimed another casualty.

In wake of Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. restructures control of DC film universe
May 18, 2016

Love it or like it, there’s no denying Marvel’s big-screen strategy works. So, in the wake of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. has decided to make some changes to its approach to comic book properties.

Warner Bros. shifts Wonder Woman release date, adds two DC movies
Apr 6, 2016

The studio behind the DC Extended Universe is making a few moves in the wake of Batman v Superman's rollout.