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Frank Miller recalls the ultra-dark Batman movie that got away
Mar 7, 2016

The comic book legend says we might have seen a very radical take on the Dark Knight 16 years ago.

Christopher Nolan reveals how Ridley Scott's Blade Runner influenced Batman Begins
Aug 2, 2015

The Dark Knight Trilogy director explains the genesis of Batman Begins in this new interview.

Little-known sci-fi fact: Here's what Nolan originally planned for his Batman trilogy
Oct 28, 2014

Yes, we all know Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was a seminal work for comic-book movies — but apparently the finished product wasn’t exactly what he’d planned from the beginning.

David Goyer just basically said he doesn't listen to comic-book fans.
Mar 21, 2014

One of the most prolific writers of superhero movies isn't particularly open to your ideas.

Logic falls apart in hilarious clip of how Batman Begins should've ended
Feb 28, 2014

While we settle in for the long wait to see Batfleck in Batman vs. Superman, let’s enjoy a nice blast from the past with Batman Begins.

See Anne Hathaway's Catwoman audition plus Cillian Murphy as Batman
Sep 25, 2013

We already got a peek at Christian Bale’s Batman audition, and new we have our first look at Anne Hathaway’s tryout for Catwoman, as well as another actor who almost donned the cowl.

Watch Christian Bale audition for Batman wearing Kilmer's Bat-cowl
Sep 23, 2013

Before he helped reinvigorate the Batman franchise, Christian Bale had to try out, just like everyone else.

Nolan explains how Batman Begins WASN'T meant to set up a sequel
Jan 14, 2013

Despite some recent box office success, the Batman franchise was a creative mess when Christopher Nolan stepped in to reboot the whole thing with Batman Begins in 2005. But, did you know he wasn't even thinking of a sequel when he shot the flick's Joker-teasing finale?

Guy Pearce was nearly WHO in Batman Begins?
Dec 17, 2012

Long before Christopher Nolan was the golden goose that birthed a hit (soon-to-be) Dark Knight trilogy, he was just another buzzy indie director, riding the wave of his twisty noir flick Memento. It turns out the star of that 2000 film that put Nolan on the map, Guy Pearce, was also in talks to play a role in Nolan's Batman Begins. Who, you ask?

See a gallery of every Batman movie and TV poster EVER
Dec 17, 2012

The Batman has been gracing our screens in one form or another since his first movie serial in 1943. Lots of screen time means lots of promotion, and lots of promotion means lots and lots of posters. Now you can see them all, from movies to TV to video games and beyond, in one place.