Batman: Arkham City

New Batman: Return To Arkham trailer welcomes you to the madhouse
May 19, 2016

The Dark Knight returns in this new video game set pairing Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City

11 sci-fi-flavored videogames we're looking forward to in 2011
Jul 4, 2015

Our final 2011 preview—following movies, TV and books—casts a net around the entertainment that lets you take the story in your OWN hands, bending Jedi Knights, Dark Knights and alien fighters to your will.

DC announces 1st step to prep for its Justice League flick
Dec 17, 2012

While we're all sitting back, waiting impatiently for that Justice League movie to be made, come out, and blow our minds on the big screen, DC Comics is taking the first steps to get us excited about the superhero film.

Tense new Arkham City trailer is made of Dark Knight win
Dec 14, 2012

In the 2009 videogame, Batman: Arkham Aslyum, Batman saved the city of Gotham by preventing the Joker's escape. But as the trailer for the sequel shows, we won't be safe much longer: the upcoming game Batman: Arkham City will be five times larger than the prequel game, and that means five times more homicidal lunatics to contend with.