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Image of the Day: Justice League's battle-armored Batmobile

Director Zack Snyder shares a new shot of Batman's badass Justice League assault vehicle.

Dawn of Justice's Batman set to LEGO Batman soundtrack is Bat-perfection
Feb 19, 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie is arguably one of the best films to ever tackle the Dark Knight, and like The LEGO Movie before it, the flick also has a killer soundtrack. So, what happens if you bring that jaunty attitude to Zack Snyder's grim-dark?

Behold this heroic roster of new Justice League statues and Funko vinyls
Feb 17, 2017

Check out this commanding selection of new Justice League figures and toys from the upcoming superhero spectacle.

First look at Bane and a force of familiar villains for Batman's 'I Am Bane' arc
Feb 6, 2017

Behold this intricate artwork for DC's new Batman "I Am Bane" storyline.