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Watch: The Killing Joke cast on adapting the classic, finding Batgirl's strength
Jul 23, 2016

One of DC’s most famous, and most controversial, comics is coming to life as an animated film this month — so we chatted up the folks tasked with making it happen to discuss the challenges of actually translating The Killing Joke from page to screen.

New footage revealed in behind-the-scenes look at Batgirl in The Killing Joke
Jul 15, 2016

Tara Strong is suiting up again for the role of Batgirl in Warner Bros.’ Batman: The Killing Joke, and DC All Access has released a new behind-the-scenes video featuring an interview with the actress and new footage from the eagerly anticipated animated movie.

Flap into this new five-page preview + covers for DC's Batgirl Rebirth #1
Jun 22, 2016

Here's an adventurous sneak peek at this next month's Batgirl Rebirth #1. 

Margot Robbie may star in Harley Quinn spinoff movie
May 16, 2016

She hasn't even made her debut in Suicide Squad yet, but Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn may get her own film.

Report: DC Comics refocusing on less risky, 'meat and potatoes' comic stories
Aug 26, 2015

Both Marvel and DC have been enjoying a creative renaissance as of late, with characters like Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Batgirl and Harley Quinn leading the charge. But, now it sounds like one of the Big Two is changing course for safer waters.

DC launching superhero universe for girls, from toys to TV
Apr 22, 2015

A lack of girl-friendly superhero fare has been a constant refrain in recent years, and now DC is getting ready to make an ambitious push to address the issue.


Following backlash, DC pulls Batgirl variant inspired by The Killing Joke
Mar 18, 2015

Artist Rafael Albuquerque responds to Twitter pressure over the controversial new variant cover to DC's Batgirl.