Bates Motel

Rihanna checks in as Marion Crane in latest promo for final season of Bates Motel
Feb 1, 2017

With the fifth and final season of Bates Motel around the corner, A&E has released a new promo for its critically acclaimed series featuring a first look at Rihanna as Marion Crane.

Check in with Norman Bates in first chilling teaser for final season of Bates Motel
Jan 10, 2017

With the return of Bates Motel soon upon us, A&E has finally unveiled the first teaser for the show's upcoming fifth and final season.

Bates Motel casts Rihanna in iconic role for its final season
Jul 22, 2016

Bates Motel is coming to an end, but it won't go quietly. Music superstar Rihanna has officially joined the cast.

Prepare to meet a lot more of the creepy family in Bates Motel S2
Jul 12, 2013

The Psycho prequel Bates Motel proved a surprise hit for A&E, and it sounds like they’ll be beefing up the cast with another Bates and two other new characters in S2.

Save Me starts low, Bates Motel ends high + 44 other genre shows
May 29, 2013

Most of our shows are ending their seasons, but the first of our summer shows just arrived.

Game of Thrones rules, Hannibal starts so-so + 41 other genre shows
Apr 10, 2013

The Walking Dead might not be around anymore, but a genre show is still dominating Sunday nights.

TV THIS WEEK: Bates Motel checks in, a Continuum finale and more!
Mar 18, 2013

Welcome to TV, Norman Bates! AMC premieres its Psycho-inspired TV show, Bates Motel, and time-tripping Continuum finishes up its first season on Syfy.

Watch 1st 6 minutes of creepy Psycho prequel Bates Motel
Mar 11, 2013

We’re still a little over a week away from the debut of A&E’s Bates Motel, but the first 6 minutes of the Psycho prequel series has leaked online. Want to see?

Carlton Cuse wants YOU to make the intro for his Psycho prequel
Jan 14, 2013

With his Psycho prequel series Bates Motel ramping up at A&E, former Lost producer Carlton Cuse is looking for a little help developing the show's intro credit. Who's he asking? That'd be you.