Barry Sonnenfeld

What's after Cowboys and Aliens? How about Dinosaurs vs. Aliens?
Jun 26, 2015

If you asked every twelve-year-old kid what they'd make a movie about, they would almost definitely answer with either "aliens" or "dinosaurs." But the really clever ones? The overzealous, crazy few? They'd make a movie featuring both.

Men in Black director takes on false psychics in new Amazing Randi movie
Mar 13, 2015

Barry Sonnenfeld's next film examines a real-life paranormal hoax.

MiB director's 'secret comics movie' is a classic DC superteam
Dec 17, 2012

Director Barry Sonnenfeld has been a wee bit coy about what he'll be doing after Men in Black 3 but it seems like, unless you're J.J. Abrams, secrets in Hollywood don't stay secret for long.

1st teaser trailer for insane Dinosaurs vs. Aliens project is here!
Dec 17, 2012

Ever since filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld and comic book super-writer Grant Morrison announced their crazy Dinosaurs vs. Aliens project, we've been wondering what the thing might look like. Now the first teaser trailer for the project has given us a glimpse.

Watch the 1st chapter of insane Dinosaurs vs. Aliens project NOW!
Dec 17, 2012

We might have to wait a while longer to see a film version of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, the sci-fi collaboration between Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld and comic book icon Grant Morrison, but the motion comic is already here, and the first chapter of the epic saga is online for you to watch right now.

Director says Men in Black 3 is either 'genius' or 'really stupid'
Dec 17, 2012

Candor can be wonderful—especially from creators and stars who've literally been paid to say their film/TV show/whatever is the greatest thing ever. But that honesty usually comes in hindsight.

Why is Agent K such a grouch? Men in Black 3 will reveal all
Dec 17, 2012

Will the real Agent K please stand up? This summer, audiences will get a double dose of Will Smith's stern partner in the sequel Men in Black 3. It's been a decade since the last film, and its follow-up will answer a burning question. Why is Agent K such a grouch? Seriously, what happened to that guy?

Columbia developing Barry Sonnenfeld's Tom Swift movie
Dec 14, 2012

Columbia has picked up the pitch from Barry Sonnenfeld, who will direct a film adaptation.