Back to the Future

The Back to the Future series is one of the greatest things to come out of the 1980s. We cover all the stories around Dr. Brown and Marty McFly.

First look at Biff to the Future, the alt-history comic chronicling the BTTF universe
Jan 25, 2017

He was the Big Bad of the Back to the Future trilogy, and now Biff Tannen is finally getting his own story told.

Nike is finally releasing the self-lacing sci-fi shoes of your BTTF-fueled dreams
Sep 21, 2016

Ever since Marty McFly suited up in his pair of self-lacing Nike Mags, geeks and shoe aficionados alike have been clamoring for a real-life pair. Now Nike has finally cracked it.

Back to the Future almost had a very different title, and here's the memo to prove it
Aug 29, 2016

The first Back to the Future film is one of the greatest in modern cinema history — but would it have still been a cultural icon if it were called Space Man From Pluto?

Back to the Future fans! Nike unveils the first self-lacing shoes you can actually buy
Mar 17, 2016

Sure, we don’t have flying cars or (real) hoverboards, but Nike plans to pay off on its contribution to Back to the Future II. Check out the first real self-lacing shoes you can actually buy.

Great Scott! The DeLorean is heading back into production, 34 years later
Jan 27, 2016

For a car that proved to be a massive failure, the DeLorean is arguably one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. Now they’re finally heading back into production.

The Doctor meets Doc Brown and the Ghostbusters in geek-tastic new LEGO Dimensions trailer
Jan 27, 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to mash all your favorite sci-fi franchises up into one insane (squared-off) world, LEGO Dimensions has you covered.

Image of the Day: Bizarre never-used Back to The Future poster
Jan 7, 2016

Check out this weird, never-used theatrical poster for the original Back to the Future.

This is the Hendo Hoverboard 2.0 that’ll be delivered to Kickstarter backers
Oct 22, 2015

Not content to let Back to the Future Day pass without a little built-in publicity, Arx Pax officially unveiled the 2.0 version of its Hendo Hoverboard — and this is the one all those Kickstarter backers will actually get to ride.

Watch Doc and Marty travel to the real 2015, where everything is terrible
Oct 15, 2015

In Back to the Future II, 2015 had flying cars, hoverboards and self-tying shoes. Man, that 2015 was awesome! Too bad about the real 2015 ...