Axel Alonso

Marvel Comics' Axel Alonso on Civil War II: It's Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel
Feb 3, 2016

If you suspected Marvel Comics’ upcoming event Civil War II was hastily thrown together to tie in with the momentum from Captain America: Civil War on the big screen, well, you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean the comic company isn’t trying to tell a fresh version of the hero vs. hero saga.

Marvel Comics' Axel Alonso reveals details on the All-New All-Different Marvel universe
Jun 4, 2015

Marvel is knee-deep in a massive event aimed at reshaping the comic universe into something new. But what can we expect once Secret Wars actually comes to an end?

Marvel editor-in-chief apologizes for that controversial Spider-Woman cover
Sep 2, 2014

Marvel Comics got a boatload of attention recently for its upcoming issue of Spider-Woman, but not for any reasons they liked. Now the company’s editor-in-chief is trying to clear the air.

Marvel's editor-in-chief addresses Spidey writer death threats
Jan 14, 2013

Last week we told you about Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott's reaction to apparent death threats he's received over a big development in the life of Peter Parker. Now Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso is wading into the fray, and he's clearly got Slott's back. SPOILERS AHEAD!