Jason Isaacs on the death of NBC's short-lived Awake: 'It was just too high concept’
Feb 10, 2015

If there were ever a list of the greatest shows you probably never watched, NBC’s short-lived split reality series Awake would be near the top.

11 universe-hopping sci-fi characters awake to alternate realities
Dec 17, 2012

In tonight's series premiere of Awake, a man flips between two possible realities, aware of both but unsure which, if either, is more...

Think Awake is like Inception? The creators have no problem with that
Dec 17, 2012

NBC's Awake isn't your average sci-fi show. In fact, executive producers Howard Gordon and creator Kyle Killen aren't sure it's sci-fi at all.

Awake starts soft, Gifted Man ends strong and 21 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

It's definitely a time for change on the genre TV scene. Spring and summer shows have begun their invasion, while fall dramas are either wrapping up their seasons or getting the boot from their networks. This week we added Awake, which premiered to so-so numbers, to our list, and said goodbye to A Gifted Man, which ended its run on a high but may be facing cancellation very soon.

TV THIS WEEK: Fringe gets freaky Over There, Grimm and more!
Dec 17, 2012

Even though the pickings are a bit slim this week, we still have Fringe, which continues to get its freak on as Lincoln takes a trip to the Altverse, Grimm gets romantic and things get dicey as Michael tries to stay Awake.

Touch still struggles, Thrones stays strong and 22 more genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

The midseason shows are out in force, and some are handling their schedules better than others. Alcatraz ended last week on a very low note, and now it's Touch's turn to hemorrhage viewers on Fox. Over on NBC, Awake is engaged in a similar struggle. But there's at least one show with no worries: Game of Thrones.

Thrones dominates, Being Human gets a bump + 22 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

Two more shows closed out their seasons this week, and both Being Human and Lost Girl managed to close out their season with a numbers boost. On HBO, Game of Thrones continued to dominate, and on Thursday night Touch got a viewership spike while Awake kept struggling to find more viewers.

Does Awake get a second season? NBC makes its decision
Dec 17, 2012

Since launching in March, the dual-reality-meets-cop-show series Awake has been hurtling its star between two separate but seemingly real universes. But in our universe, NBC has now decided whether to give the series a second season.

TV THIS WEEK: Game of Thrones goes to war, Awake ends and more!
Dec 17, 2012

Think all the finales are over? Think again! NBC's Awake finishes its season (and its entire story) and Game of Thrones goes to war in its penultimate episode, which you've just got to know means that people are going to die.

Thrones takes a hit, Awake gets a boost + 23 other genre shows
Dec 17, 2012

All the fall shows are done for the year, and many of the spring shows are bowing out to make way for summer programming, but that doesn't mean we don't have stuff to talk about. This week, Awake ended its run with a boost, while Game of Thrones took a hard fall against the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

Why wait until March to see the first 7 shocking minutes of Awake?
Dec 16, 2012

One of the most intriguing new shows this season has to be NBC's Awake starring Jason Isaacs, and now we've got a clip of the first 7:40 minutes of the new midseason series.

TV THIS WEEK: Awake premieres, Lancelot's back on Merlin and more!
Dec 16, 2012

After months of hype, we finally get to see NBC's mind bending new series, Awake, Sir Lancelot returns from the dead thanks to a wicked Morgana on Syfy's Merlin, and Lost Girl gets spidery this week.

Person of Interest rises, Awake falls + 21 other genre shows
Dec 16, 2012

The fall shows are heading into the home stretch and hoping to wrap up their seasons with a bang these days, while the new spring shows are often struggling to stay alive amid the competition.

Touch returns big, Awake still struggles and 21 other genre shows
Dec 16, 2012

Everyone's already looking ahead to the season premiere of Game of Thrones Sunday, but there's lots of other genre TV out there worth considering too. Many of the shows we've been following all year are moving into their final weeks fighting for as many viewers as possible, while others are simply trying to stay afloat.

NBC picks up Awake and Grimm—but NOT Wonder Woman
Dec 14, 2012

Despite learning harsh lessons this year with The Cape and The Event, NBC has once again picked up new shows firmly entrenched in sci-fi and fantasy for the 2011-2012 television season. Two winners of the pilot pickup lottery are Awake, an Inception-esque thriller formerly called REM, and the fairy tale-themed Grimm.