Avi Arad

Ghost in the Shell producer on which anime elements will (and won't) make the cut
Nov 2, 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but Ghost in the Shell is finally getting its shot at live action. So which storylines will they be drawing from for this Hollywood adaptation of the beloved anime sci-fi story?

Borderlands video game being adapted into ‘tentpole’ sci-fi film
Aug 28, 2015

As always, videogames and comic books remain fertile ground for film studios to mine — and the hit first-person shooter Borderlands seems to be next in line.

Spider-Man producer Avi Arad in talks to make a series of animated Mario Bros. movies
Dec 12, 2014

The long-running producer behind the Spider-Man movies, Avi Arad, is planning to make a series of Super Mario Bros. animated films next.

King Kong is coming to Netflix ... as a new animated series
Oct 1, 2014

We might as well start calling 2016 the year of King Kong. Not only will we get a movie prequel in Skull Island, but Netflix will premiere a new animated series titled Kong - King of the Apes.

Why Marvel tried to make an Inhumans flick 14 years ago ... and failed
Aug 14, 2014

Did you know that Marvel tried to bring The Inhumans to the big screen over a decade ago?

Former Marvel CEO Avi Arad: 'I single-handedly put together the Marvel slate’
May 5, 2014

Former Marvel exec Avi Arad is pretty upset over a recent article touting Marvel President's Kevin Feige’s role in the company’s comic-book renaissance.

Spider-Man execs kill our dreams of seeing Miles Morales on the big screen
May 1, 2014

Sorry, Miles Morales fans, don't expect the Ultimate Spidey to make the transition to the big screen.

Spider-Man producers confirm Black Cat and Spider Slayers set for future flicks
Apr 16, 2014

Are Black Cat and the Spider Slayers all set to appear in an upcoming Spider-Man flick? According to Amazing Spider-Man 2 producers, the answer is a resounding YEP.

Spider-Man producers tease 'redemption' at the heart of Sinister Six film
Apr 11, 2014

Sony's ambitious plan for a Sinister Six spinoff from Amazing Spider-Man is, according to its producers, at least in part a "redemption" story.

Yes, please! Stan Lee and Avi Arad team up for mysterious new movie
Nov 26, 2013

In a world filled with superhero movies, two living comic book legends are teaming up for a new mystery project based on an original creation. So what are Stan and and Avi cooking up?

Call Nathan Fillion! Long-delayed Uncharted movie back on track
Aug 30, 2013

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard much about that long-gestating Uncharted movie, but now it sounds like hit the videogame might finally make it to the big screen.

Amazing Spidey 2 producer teases more heroes could make a cameo
Aug 2, 2013

We already knew that director Marc Webb is packing a few extra villains into Amazing Spider-Man 2, but now a producer is teasing there could be some other heroes pop up as well. Hmm.

Marvel execs tease which villains Spidey'll fight in next 2 movies
Dec 17, 2012

Not too surprisingly, the Amazing Spider-Man looks like it will be the first installment of a proposed trilogy, and now the film's producers have opened up about how the rogues' gallery will round out in future installments. So which classic Spidey baddies are in the offing?

Long-rumored Metal Gear Solid movie FINALLY happening
Dec 17, 2012

After years of rumors and false starts, it seems one of the most iconic video game franchises ever created is finally coming to the big screen. Terrorists, look out, because Solid Snake is on the case.