Avengers vs. X-Men

Marvel just killed off a MAJOR character in Avengers vs. X-Men
Dec 17, 2012

Hey, remember when there were all those rumors that a major character was going to be knocked off in the event series, Avengers vs. X-Men? And remember when we all assumed it was going to be Scott Summers? Well ...

Could Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men end with [REDACTED]'s return?
Dec 17, 2012

If you've been following Marvel's 12-part superhero event Avengers vs. X-Men, you know there's the potential for an ending that could reshape the Marvel Universe in a big way. A just-released teaser image for the series' final issues definitely reinforces that, and reveals that AvX could mark a major reappearance. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD.

See 7 epic pages from the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men showdown
Dec 16, 2012

With the April 4 release of the highly anticipated 12-issue Marvel Comics crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men drawing near, the publisher has released the first seven pages of Issue 1 to whet fans' appetites. And whetted, our appetites have become.