the Avengers

Kevin Feige explains why Marvel's Spider-Man is different from anything that's come before
Trent Moore

Marvel is getting ready to make the sixth live-action Spider-Man film in the past 13 years, so what will set this one apart from all the others?

Image of the Day: Marvel gives classy high-five to new box office champ Jurassic World
Don Kaye

It's nice to know that even the normally cutthroat world of Hollywood can yield to a bit of dignity now and then.

Ant-Man wants to call the Avengers for help in new TV spot
Don Kaye

Just in case you didn't know that Ant-Man is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new TV spot and some posters are here to help.

Marvel Comics' Axel Alonso reveals details on the All-New All-Different Marvel universe
Trent Moore

Marvel is knee-deep in a massive event aimed at reshaping the comic universe into something new. But what can we expect once Secret Wars actually comes to an end?

Disney's ambitious new Playmation game tech lets you become an Avenger
Trent Moore

There’s a sweet spot somewhere between videogames and live-action play, and Disney is trying to find it with the intriguing new game tech Playmation.

Here are the two directors at the top of Marvel's short list for the next Spider-Man film
Trent Moore

While we continue to wonder who will score the title role in Marvel’s new Spider-Man film, the studio has apparently narrowed down a short list for who will helm the MCU reboot.

Mastermind Kevin Feige promises no 'dark turn' for Marvel Cinematic Universe
Trent Moore

Though folks like Joss Whedon and Jon Favreau get a lot of the credit for establishing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s all Kevin Feige’s world — they’re just playing in it.


Marvel teaming up with Adidas to make Quicksilver (and Avengers) sneakers
Trent Moore

The folks at Marvel have proven to be pretty savvy when it comes to marketing tie-ins, but making an official Quicksilver shoe? That’s freaking brilliant.


Here's our first look at the new comics set to launch after Marvel's Secret Wars
Trent Moore

We already knew Marvel’s massive Secret Wars event would reshape the Marvel Universe, and here’s our first peek at how things will look when the dust settles.


Watch Iron Man give a little boy a literal helping hand
Don Kaye

Yes, it's get-out-your-handkerchiefs time again thanks to a Marvel superhero.

Movie houses hosting 29+ hour Marvel marathon in honor of Age of Ultron
Trent Moore

If you want the ultimate Marvel movie experience to go along with the opening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, you’re in luck. You just might want to, like, wear a diaper and bring some snacks.

Box office analyst explains why superhero franchises could kill the movie business
Trent Moore

What started as an ambitious gambit by Marvel -- the shared universe -- has spawned a whole new way to make movies, and some box-office experts say it could spell doom for the film industry.

Margot Robbie confirms Suicide Squad will be more Dark Knight than Avengers
Nathalie Caron

If you'd been wondering what kind of comic book movie David Ayer would be going for with Suicide Squad, wonder no more.