Marvel confirms Avengers 4 title is definitely a post-Infinity War spoiler

Though Marvel has announced movies going out over the next several years, the company has made a point to not announce the title of the fourth Avengers film just yet. Why? Well, it’d apparently ruin Infinity War.

First look at Mark Waid's relaunched, flagship Avengers comic set after Civil War II
Oct 4, 2016

Eisner-winning comic writer Mark Waid has been writing All New, All Different Avengers for a while — and now we have a first look at his next flagship Avengers series set in the wake of Civil War II.

Check out long-lost footage from the big-budget Avengers video game that was never released
Dec 1, 2015

Back when the first Avengers film was getting ready to blow up the box office, developer THQ was putting together a big-budget video game to match. But, though the film (obviously) proved a hit, the game bit the dust in development hell.