Most sought-after Star Trek movie prop about to be auctioned

Heritage Auction Galleries will be auctioning off Shatner's Wrath of Khan Starfleet tunic

Star Trek Las Vegas props, sets being auctioned

They're selling off props and set pieces from the defunct Las Vegas Star Trek attraction.

Big collection of Ray Bradbury's geek treasures is about to go up for auction

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That Apollo 15 joystick used on the moon was sold at auction for how much?!

Remember that awesome auction jam-packed with cool NASA goodies, including Apollo 15’s joystick used to land on the moon? Well, it just sold for a big chunk of change.

You can buy the joystick that controlled Apollo 15 when it landed on the moon

One of the biggest space auctions in history is about to begin, and NASA’s astronauts are cleaning out the closets and emptying the storage bins.

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Got some spare lottery winnings burning a hole in your pocket? Good news! The oldest original artwork of Superman currently in existence is about to hit the auction block.

Original series Tribble + 35 more rare Trek items headed to auction

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Guy discovers hidden copy of Action #1 while remodeling his house!

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Here's how much you'll pay if you want to own Luke Skywalker's pants

If you want to get into Mark Hamill's pants, it's gonna cost ya!

Cover art to classic Spidey issue killing Gwen Stacy sells for $286K

The cover for one of the most character-defining deaths in comic book history has, unsurprisingly, fetched a pretty penny on auction.

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See the X-Men #1 issue that sold for nearly half a million bucks

Classic comics have always been a big auction market, but some of the big sales taking place now are positively astronomical. Want to see the X-Men issue #1, circa 1963, that just sold for nearly half a million dollars?

Check out 20 awesome modded Boba Fett helmets that could be yours

Compared to Darth Vader or Han Solo, Boba Fett has an almost microscopic amount of screen time in the original Star Wars trilogy, and yet he's joined both of those characters as icons of science fiction. Why? Simple: it's the helmet. Now a group of craftsmen have joined together to create their own versions of Fett's headgear, and you can buy them all for a good cause.