These photos may hold the answers to the universe's beginnings

We could learn about our cosmic origins from oxygen found in a galaxy that formed billions of years before the Big Bang.

Scientists just found the biggest supermassive black hole ever

Black holes are massive things. Supermassive black holes, found at the center of most spiral galaxies, are packed with hundreds of millions (if not billions) of times the mass of a star, yet they fit in relatively small spaces. The point is, they've all got lots of mass, but astronomers just found one that makes every other black hole ever seen look small.

Scientists say black holes are monstrously bigger than we thought

A while back, we brought you news of a supermassive black hole that was 17 billion times more massive than our sun, making it among the biggest black holes ever found. We didn't think they could get much bigger than that, but new research suggests they can, and there may be more of these monsters than we ever thought.

This is what it looks like when a black hole devours matter

At the center of our galaxy is a black hole nine light-years wide and four million times more massive than our Sun. It's a monstrous astronomical creature that devours matter, and thanks to a very sophisticated telescope we've got a better picture of what that looks like.

Scientists baffled by discovery of mystery gullies on an asteroid

The most exciting thing we can usually think of when we think of asteroids is how we might stop one from crashing into Earth someday, but now scientists have given us another bit of asteroid intrigue. A NASA probe just sent us images from one of the biggest space rocks in the asteroid belt, and they show some pretty strange topography.

That asteroid NASA said might kill us in 2040? Here's an update

The Mayan Apocalypse didn't happen last week, and we're all back to living our lives, but it turns out there's another opportunity for world-ending calamity on the horizon. There's an asteroid out there that could slam into our planet in 2040. But will it? NASA's got the answer.

Our galactic neighborhood just got a whole lot bigger

If you think our little corner of the universe is big already, prepare to have your mind blown.

Astronomers spot first planet drifting in space without a sun

We've discovered a lot of new planets in the last few years, but this is the first one that seems to have no star to orbit.

Astronomer debunks those scientists claiming to have discovered aliens

Don't get too excited about those organisms that supposedly came from space. An expert's already saying not so fast.

Astronomers: We think we're about to find 100 billion Earths

Looks like we're about to get one step closer to finding life on other worlds.